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JIRA System Administrator

JIRA System Administrator

The JIRA Administration course will challenge you to understand why there is a full time role dedicated to Jira Administration in many companies. Attendees will learn about the different configuration options that are available to the Project Administrator and then will dig into each section of the general Administration in JIRA which includes all there is to know about managing and configuring issues for your projects and teams. Additionally, the course covers how to create and edit workflows as well as use advanced features like workflow conditions and post functions. Hands-on exercises are included in this course.


Students must bring their own functional working laptop.


Students with a basic understanding of the following areas:
  • Issue creation, editing and management using a workflow
  • Understanding of the issue type hierarchy
  • Basic searching and filtering using JQL
  • Project usage and basic experience as a project administrator

High Level Topics:

JIRA Project Administration

JIRA General Administration

  • Application Management
  • Project Management
  • Issues Management
  • Add-on Management
  • User Management
  • System Management

JIRA Workflow Essentials

  • Getting familiar with Workflows
  • Creating & Editing Workflows
  • Workflow Conditions, Validators, and Post Functions
  • Creating Workflow Schemes

Admin Troubleshooting & Best Practices


This course is available as an on-site private training and currently has no in-class training schedule for individual sign-up. Click on “Request Private Training” above to receive a quote.

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