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Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Cprime’s Continuous Delivery (CD) solution implements a methodology where teams working in very short cycles (“sprints” if you’re being Agile) automate the building and testing of their code so that they can deliver functioning software to needed environments at any time. Continuous Delivery is very similar to Continuous Deployment, which generally speaks to automating the deployment of your code to production environments. By leaning on Cprime’s Continuous Integration (CI) to deliver code changes more often, this downstream automation speeds up development and gives your teams the feedback loop they need to improve. True DevOps levels of efficiency and flexibility can be had when this approach is paired with a dynamic cloud infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Get your working code into needed environments as quickly as possible so that teams aren’t left waiting for manual processes to be executed
  • Utilize automated testing to ensure software is working as expected and ready to go at any time
  • Understand where your problems are sooner through an iterative process that allows you to isolate needed fixes more quickly

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