Product Strategy w/ Aha! and Cprime

Give product teams their own space to focus on strategy. Build roadmaps, connect them to Jira and deliver faster.

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Product Maturity

Equipping product teams with product maturity needed to ensure they are building great products and great businesses.

Organizational Alignment

Aligning the company around roadmaps that drive better collaboration around product strategy, vision, objectives as a part of the product management workflow

Speed to Market

Product Agility solutions coupled with Aha product roadmapping technology help teams get the right product to market faster

Process Discovery and Consulting

Leveraging techniques such as value stream mapping and product discovery Cprime will identify the existing processes for delivering value and what solution hierarchical structures exist or could be beneficial. During the Configuration and Integration stage of the engagement, Cprime will work through your deliverables backlog to deliver your Aha! solution.

Aha! Implementation

Configuration, integration, and roll out of the Aha! platform in accordance with your product roadmap strategy.

Aha! + Atlassian Integration

Includes configuration and support with implementation of Atlassian best practices, products and applications, automations and process alignment to refine integration, and functional admin services for maintenance and ongoing support

Strategic Product Roadmapping Workshop w/ Aha!

Our experts will walk through your organization’s unique samples and use Aha! Product roadmaps to leave behind a tangible path to value for your teams.

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From Product Strategy to Backlog: Best Practices for Integrating Aha! Roadmaps With Jira

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