Outcomes (OKRs) Over Outputs

Drive a unified vision across teams, functions, and business units

Bridge Strategy and Data

Strategic decision making should be based on clean, real time data in order to be successfully executed in an organization. These decisions must then be measurable, flexible and actionable.

Executive Dashboards

CPO, CEO, CTO, COO Executive Dashboards provide the right information set for optimal decision making.

Connective Technologies

Connect Gtmhub to key enterprise tools like Jira, Slack, MS Teams and more for big picture visibility and actionable breakdown of work.

Cprime Solutions for OKR Strategy with Gtmhub

Gtmhub + Jira Integration

Connect developers with business leaders as Jira issues map to business goals. Developers can work with OKRs directly from Jira, linking issues to existing OKRs and
tracking the progress of business goals.

Gtmhub Implementation and Optimization

Get started the right way with defining, setting, and tracking OKRs in Gtmhub

Prepare and Measure Foundation

This package provides an expedited path to lasting agility for executives. It includes executive training, vision
development/refinement, objectives and key results, forming and scoping a transformation team and roadmap of transformational work.

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Outcomes/OKR Workshop

In this 1/2 day workshop, our senior coaches leads your team through an interactive approach to defining flexible, purpose-driven outcomes and smart measurements.

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