Atlassian Subscription Services

Ongoing Atlassian services in a monthly subscription model

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Leverage our Atlassian Experts as an extension of your team

Ease the challenges of maintaining and managing your Atlassian instances by leveraging Cprime’s diverse offerings. Cprime’s Atlassian Experts expand your organizational capabilities by providing ongoing Atlassian services with a monthly subscription model.

Reduce Time to Value

Immediate issue resolution, configuration, and best practice implementation enables quick progress on critical business initiatives, while ensuring consistent headway towards your prioritized initiatives.

Reduce Operational Costs

Eliminate up-front effort and expense of hiring, onboarding and training. Pre-determined pricing introduces predictability to your expenses and budgeting process.

Optimize Atlassian Usage

Draw upon Cprime’s proven experience and best practices to optimize your Atlassian deployment. Increase user engagement and satisfaction levels across the organization.

Ongoing Atlassian Architecture, Design & Implementation

As an extension of your team, we provide a solution design and architecture recommendations, best practices and hands on implementation.

Atlassian Reporting, Scaling and Customization

As an extension of your team, we provide configuration recommendations, best practices, and hands on implementation of your Atlassian products and add-ons/applications.

Continuous Configuration / Optimization of Atlassian Stack and Apps

Ongoing and remote support and serves as an extension of your team to assess, configure, support, optimize and administer the Atlassian applications in your environment.

Atlassian Technical Managed Support

As an extension of your team we assess, configure, support, optimize and administer your Atlassian stack, including JVM and DB troubleshooting, monitoring improvement and guidance, new application build out, an much more.

Diverse Credentials and Expertise

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