Alignment and Scale for Enterprise Agility

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Jira AlignCprime is a Scaled Agile Partner - Gold

To remain competitive in today’s fast-paced, value-driven market, agility is absolutely crucial to survival. To achieve true agility, data has to flow seamlessly, starting at the top with strategy and goals set by leadership, all the way through execution to the delivery of value to your customer. The solution: Jira Align.

Jira Align seamlessly connects strategy to technical execution. Get real-time visibility into aggregated data, align every team to enterprise strategic goals, transform your enterprise Agile planning process, and optimize investments for the most customer value with Cprime as your Jira Align solutions partner.

As a certified Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner, Cprime was hand selected by Atlassian to be the first ever provider of tailored Jira Align consulting, training and customer solutions.

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Check out our FAQ, What is Jira Align?

Align at the Enterprise level

- Make all work visible
- Understand execution data
- Collaborate across teams get aligned

Accelerate Enterprise Agility

- Use value driven backlogs
- See real-time roadmaps
- Reduce dependencies
- Formalize flow
- Measure everything

Improve Business Operations

- Drive better quality
- Increase productivity
- Improve throughput
- Boost efficiency
- Improve engagement

Drive Business Outcomes

- Deliver value faster
- Speed concept to cash
- Gain market share
- Foster innovation
- Increase revenue
- Improve customer satisfaction
- Reduce costs

Jira Align Readiness Assessment

How do you know if Jira Align is the right investment for your organization? Our experts can carefully inspect the processes and tools you have in place to ensure that your enterprise is primed to scale in the right technology.

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Jira Align Implementation and Roll Out

Get stood up and optimized with Jira Align from the experts who know Atlassian best. We will implement best practices, conduct training and help your enterprise get the most out of Jira Align.

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Jira Align Jumpstart

The Jira Align Jumpstart provides a 90-day path to successful, sustainable enterprise rollout. This package is recommended for organizations with mature Agile practices, as our experts will launch 1 Portfolio, 1-2 Trains and 10 Teams Launched Together (1 large Train with up to 10 teams or 2 smaller Trains with up to 10 Teams total).

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Jira Align Foundations

Foundations for Jira Align provides Clients who purchased the Jira Align Jumpstart assistance with configuring Jira in order to maximize the data integrity for the Jira to Jira Align integration. It provides a framework of best practices with an eye to enabling a stable integration between Jira and Jira Align.

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Portfolio Coaching for Jira Align

The Cprime Portfolio Coach provides support and coaching for the strategic steering committee and the team(s). Most clients become strong at Essential SAFe first, then implement a tool then scale to Portfolio Level. We will be side by side with clients to ensure successful adoption.

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Implementing SAFe with Jira Align Training

Learn how to use Jira Align to measure and manage key aspects of a complex agile initiative at scale – tracking budget, mapping to the key SAFe constructs, and integrating Jira into your organization.

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