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Jira Align

Leverage the only Atlassian solution for strategic alignment to drive productivity and growth across the enterprise


Clear Communication. Aligned Objectives.

Jira Align is a comprehensive enterprise Agile planning platform that helps organizations of all sizes to scale effectively and efficiently. It is one source of truth for aligning strategic objectives with team execution, supporting strategic portfolio management through seamless cross-functional collaboration and transparency. 

Jira Align provides stakeholders with actionable insights and real-time visibility into initiative progress, dependencies and risks, so they can make proactive decisions for continuous improvement. This powerful Atlassian solution empowers organizations to deliver value faster, innovate more rapidly, and achieve sustainable growth and success.


Jira Align offerings include:

Discovery/ Assessment

Uncover actionable recommendations and build a customized roadmap for enhancing efficiency and organizational alignment

Implementation/ Configuration

Ensure alignment between team execution and strategic goals through optimized workflows, data visibility, and streamlined portfolio management

Guided Services/ Support

Elevate your operations with expert advisory services, ensuring Jira Align is optimized to meet your business needs and goals

Learning/ Education

Empower your team with comprehensive tool and process training, ensuring mastery of Jira Align for seamless adoption and optimized usage

AI-Powered OKR Optimization and Tracking with Jira Align

Leverage secure and efficient AI to set realistic and aligned OKRs throughout your organization’s hierarchy, seamlessly monitor progress in real-time, and dynamically adapt strategies to changing circumstances and insights. 

Cprime’s AI-powered Jira Align solution streamlines OKR management by offering smart OKR functionality based on historical data and industry benchmarks, dynamic tracking with real-time analysis and alerts, predictive insights for success likelihood, automated progress reporting, sentiment analysis for engagement, and seamless integration with execution data, enhancing organizational alignment, efficiency, and engagement.

How we help our clients

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with accredited Jira Align Specialization, Cprime experts have years of experience in maximizing the value of Jira Align, a top-ranked enterprise Agile planning platform. We offer tailored configuration, enablement, and support services to ensure organizations extract the utmost value from their investment. 

Our expertise and holistic approach extend beyond product features to focus on driving strategic alignment, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and enhancing transparency across initiatives. With expert guidance, you can accelerate value delivery and pave the way with tangible data to adapt to change for sustainable growth.

Trusted Atlassian Partner for Over a Decade

Our skills and experience make us a trusted partner for organizations looking to embrace agility, adaptability, and innovation. With close to two decades as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we specialize in Agile at Scale, DevOps, ITSM, Cloud, and Enterprise solutions.


Enhanced Strategic Alignment

Focus resources on impactful activities and drive organizational success by syncing every initiative, project, and task with strategic goals.

Improved Visibility

Enable informed, data-driven decision-making and resource allocation by unlocking real-time insights into progress, dependencies, and risks across the entire organization

Increased Collaboration

Break down silos to achieve cross-functional alignment, accelerate delivery, and drive innovation and organizational growth.


Customer Success Story

Agile Transformation on Tight Timeline: Agile + Jira + Jira Align

Change is always challenging, especially for large companies well-established in their markets. But change is necessary for any company pursuing growth. With a development team over 5,000 strong and tight time constraints, this large American financial services company entrusted Cprime with guiding an enterprise initiative for their Agile transformation and software tool migration.

Ensure Visibility and Aligned Objectives Across Your Organization