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Launch your 5-day Slack remote work quickstart package to get all the integrations, configurations, training, and enablement needed for your work at home teams.

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Why you need it:

To adapt to the urgent and current need to move teams to working remote. Align your teams needs with all the proper trainings, Slack configurations, and enablement to improve productivity all within 5 short days.

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What it includes:

  • Essential design with enterprise applications and configuration of a Slack Workspace by Cprime
  • Onboarding of end users
  • Integration to critical enterprise applications
  • Communications plan
  • Training and enablement for Admins, Champions, and end users
  • Success Tracking

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A key source of value from the Slack 5 Day Quickstart is the Integration of critical enterprise applications for enhanced power and collaboration through Slack. We are ready to enact integrations with Atlassian, Mural, Google Calendar and more.

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