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Project Status Template

Project Status Template

Download our free Project Status Report template

Status reporting is critical for communicating project progress, decsisions, and issues to stakeholders and team members.

This project status report template provides the required project information that is typically provided to stakeholders:


    • General project information (name, submission date, etc)
    • High level change confirmation (scope, schedule, resources, items that need management attention)
    • Project metrics (tasks complete, tasks in progress, tasks not started, time remaining, etc)
    • Summary status in red/yellow/green (overall status, schedule, budget, scope, quality)
    • Quality performance review (identified standards and performance against it)
    • Milestones accomplished and not accomplished
    • Budget review (estimates, actuals, totals)
    • Identified risks and mitigation plans
    • Additional comments (if needed)


*Adjust these fields (or add new fields) to ensure this meets the stakeholders expectations for status reporting.

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