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Introducing our Visual Thinking Templates

Freely download, print, reproduce, scale up, adapt and evolve our Visual Thinking Templates to support you when facilitating working sessions.…


The Periodic Table of DevOps Practices

“DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services…


Agile Space

Welcome to mission control for Agile Space - a beginners guide brought to you by Mural and Cprime Get the…


Using Jira for Team Collaboration in AWS

In this workshop, you will experience managing a project for a small team in Jira. Even though you will be…


DevOps Transformation Guide

This guide is designed to help you understand the components of your DevOps transformation and provides guidance on your next steps in…


There’s More to Kanban than a Board and Post-its

Kanban gets a reputation as being the most simple of Agile methodologies to adopt. While for some, that very well…

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Kanban Team Launch Cards

These downloable "Kanban Team Launch Cards" help newly forming Kanban teams to make sure that all acceptance criteria is satisfied…

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The Product Manager’s Guide to Remote Delivery

What do Product Managers need to do to adapt to a remote, virtual environment and remain high functioning? Stay flexible…

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The Scrum Master’s Guide to Remote Delivery

What do Scrum Masters need to do to adapt to a remote, virtual environment and remain high functioning? Stay flexible…

Virtual Product Owner
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The RTE’S Guide to Remote Delivery

What do Release Train Engineers need to do to adapt to a remote, virtual environment and remain high functioning? Stay…

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The Remote Scrum Master: Meeting Flow for Virtual Teams

This video provides a quick run down of how to successfully fulfill the role of Scrum Master when working with…

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Virtual/Remote Model for Program Increment Planning (Video Demo)

The Goal: Alignment to a common mission! We are here to gain alignment between business owners and program teams on…

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Virtual White Boarding Example

Post-it notes, dry erase markers, and white boards are the dearly loved tools of our trade. However, do not fear.…


Is Jira Align or Advanced Roadmaps the right tool to scale Agile in my organization?

With the release of Jira Align, many clients have been asking us which of these platforms for scaling Jira is…


Cprime Cloud vs. Public Cloud vs. On-prem

There are a lot of hosting options out there and at Cprime, we can optimize and support any method you…


Atlassian Data Center Benefits

Are you quickly scaling the use of your Atlassian tools? Not sure if Data Center is right for you? Check…


Agile Starter Pack

The Agile Starter Pack is a perfect reference guide for Agile newcomers. In one simple download, you get all of…


Migration Questionnaire

Are you looking to take on a software migration? You definitely came to the right place. Here is a sample…

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Scrum Product Owner Role Cheat Sheet

Learn Your Daily Tasks as a Scrum Product Owner The Product Owner Cheat Sheet was created by our Sr. Scrum…

TemplateAgile Roles

Scrum Team Role Cheat Sheet

Learn Your Daily Tasks as a Scrum Team Member The Scrum Team Role Cheat Sheet was created by our Sr.…

TemplateAgile Roles

ScrumMaster Role Cheat Sheet

Learn Your Daily Tasks as a ScrumMaster The Scrum Master Cheat Sheet was created by our Sr. Scrum Coach, Kevin…

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Project Management Professional (PMP)® Experience Worksheet

Take control of your requirements and allocate your functional experience. The PMP® Application Process can be a very confusing process…

TemplateProject Management


PMP FAQ: How-to Guide for Applying for Your PMP We receive many calls and emails about what steps are necessary…

TemplateProject Management

Project Status Template

Download our free Project Status Report template Status reporting is critical for communicating project progress, decsisions, and issues to stakeholders…


Scrum Cheat Sheet

Description This is a great reference sheet to have on hand when thinking about Scrum or studying for the Certified…


Scrum Guide

Scrum has been used to develop complex products since the early 1990s. This paper describes how to use Scrum to…


Agile Encyclopedia

The intention of compiling this Encyclopedia of Agile was to create a document that can be used both as an…


Agile Scrum Terms and Glossary

Download our Scrum & Agile Glossary for over 60 terms and definitions to help you grasp concepts of the Agile…


Agile Team Scrum Velocity Template

Improve Your Agile Team's Sprint Estimation and Organization. The amount of work an Agile Team can perform in a Sprint…


Burndown Chart Template

Scrum Tools At the start of a Sprint, the team breaks down each item in the Sprint backlog into a…


Cumulative Flow Diagram (Burnup Chart)

Scrum Tools Much as a Burndown Chart shows work remaining, a Burnup Chart or Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) shows work…