An Easy Way to Fill the Gaps in Your Agile Learning

In a previous post we discussed the importance of PDUs and SEUs to your development as an Agile professional. In this post, we’d like to briefly introduce you to an exciting new option available exclusively through cPrime that will allow you to earn these credits at your own pace, studying subjects of particular interest to you and applicable to your career, and at an unbeatable cost.

The Learning Center Subscription

cPrime’s current online educational classes are a perfect option if you need to zero in on one or two specific gaps in your Agile knowledge and know exactly what you need. All of the courses are available on an individual basis, and will remain so.

But if you’re hoping to pull together the full number of required credits to maintain certification, and you’d like that to be as easy, painless, and inexpensive as possible, you’d do well to consider the new Learning Center Subscription option.

For a one-time subscription payment of $175, you will get access to all of cPrime’s online educational resources, including tools, templates, white papers, and over 100 hours of educational programs in the form of one-hour webinar sessions and full online training courses.

Since most of our webinars, other short training programs and white papers average $40-$50 each when purchased separately, you can see how valuable this subscription can be if you plan on obtaining more than four or five PDUs or SEUs this year. It’s as if the subscription pays for itself after just a few hours and the rest of the year is free!

The plan is even more impressive if you take into account the longer complete courses available. As one example, one of our most popular online courses is the Agile in the Enterprise five hour course. Completing the course earns you five PDUs and five SEUs while offering a comprehensive fundamental understanding of how Agile can be scaled to the enterprise level.

Normally, this course on its own costs $125, and is truly a bargain at that price.

But it’s just one of the dozens of online courses you’ll get with your $175 Learning Center Subscription payment.

If you’re serious about growing and developing as an Agile professional, and you’re looking for an inexpensive and powerful way to make it happen this year, look no further than the cPrime Learning Center.

Get our Learning Center Subscription Now!