Cprime and Agile Hardware at AgileCon16

On June 2nd, IIL is brought together the world’s foremost thought leaders and influencers – people who have not only developed, but have successfully applied Agile Project Management and Scrum methods to strategic initiatives, including scaling Agile in the enterprise.

Cprime’s Agile Practice Lead, Kevin Thompson Ph.D, was the Keynote speaker for this first ever Agile virtual conference. What did he talk about? Agile Product Development, and specifically, Agile for Hardware.

The Scrum framework was originally developed to provide an effective approach for planning, performing, and tracking the development of software products. Our research has identified that Scrum applies equally well to the development of hardware products, including hardware products with embedded or associated software. This presentation provides insight and guidance into how to use Scrum to develop electronic and electro-mechanical hardware. Examples of such products include gas chromatography equipment, mass spectrometers, networking equipment, and many other devices.

Here is his presentation

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