Cprime: Atlassian’s Newest Platinum Partner

By: Dusty Rose Corro

cPrime Atlassian Platinum Experts

The Scene:

An airy, open office-space humming with activity. Desks are covered with technology, multiple monitors, ergonomically designed keyboards, action figures. A casually dressed man slams his palms on his desk and then tosses them in the air, shaking his head. His browser is opened to JIRA and we can hear his team muttering around him about migrations, data, workflows, and joking about how clumsy this whole Agile business is. As the muttering becomes heated…


PLATINUM MAN!! He is resplendent in casual jeans and company t-shirt, riding a polished razor scooter. He carries a heavy laptop bag full of optimization solutions, Agile training materials, and expertly crafted migration and workflow configuration knowledge. He is Platinum Man, and Cprime has sent him to the rescue!

As an Atlassian Expert Partner, Cprime supports and trains teams across the nation who use Atlassian software to track, manage and improve their Agile processes. From purchasing advice and installations to large data migrations and workflow configuration, Cprime does it all for the clients we share with Atlassian. We help our clients migrate their workflows and data to JIRA and JIRA Agile, often moving from a variety of software used in different departments to a single, unified system. Working to understand organizational structure, details of teams workflows, historical data storage and Agile pain points, Cprime provides solutions that help our clients optimize their use of the Atlassian Developer Tools suite.

This year, Cprime stepped up to claim the hard-earned title of Platinum Expert, a distinction shared by only 8 other companies in North America and 30 world wide. This title is not granted for experience and expertise alone but requires that the partner prove their depth and accuracy of knowledge. Atlassian requires that Platinum Experts pass a detailed and extensive exam. This test takes weeks to complete, requires thorough research, careful explanation and elegant solutions to some of the most difficult customer issues and situations. Cprime’s Atlassian tools experts dove bravely into this grueling exam and after weeks of long hours, take-out meals, and re-re-re-checking their answers, they’ve emerged victorious.

While in reality our triumphant team returns from the test to tackle complex migrations, customization requests, and scalable systems for clients in need of our help, we like to imagine them as PLATINUM MAN, riding victorious into the sunset with Atlassian’s blue and green Charlie by his side, razor scooters shining and a 6-trouble-shooter hanging from his belt.