Cprime’s Agile Consulting Services hits major milestones.

Cprime Inc., a project management and Agile services company, expands their agile consulting & coaching services and reaches new industries in the Bay Area.

Foster City, CA. July 28th 2011 – Cprime, a project management and agile services company hits new milestones with the development of their Agile coaching and consulting services. This year, Cprime has doubled the number of clients they are working with on Agile projects. The main reason for the swift development is due to their private offering of the Enterprise Agile Development with Scrum (EAD) course. Kevin Thompson, a Cprime senior Agile coach, has been working to develop Agile training materials and offerings such as the EAD course, while he works hands-on with organizations attempting to make the transition to Agile development.

Cprime has coached over 30 organizations in Agile development methodology in the past two years in over 10 different industries. Their success with these organizations comes from the hands on, practical knowledge they teach their clients. Many companies attempt to transition to the Agile methodology, but often do not succeed. To learn the scrum processes successfully & make scrum work in an organization, especially at a large scale, organizations need the hands on guidance from expert agile coaches. Agile coaches can transition teams by mentoring them through complicated processes like meetings, sprints, estimation, etc. that may seem foreign to Project Managers familiar with traditional plan-driven processes such as Waterfall. Coaches also can advise executives and stakeholders on what changes to expect with the new Agile processes.

To help larger organizations scale the adoption of the agile methodology Cprime utilizes their bench of agile experts to build and place high performance implementation teams at the organization’s site. They can embed Agile coaches at organizations for longer periods of time who can implement and develop multiple pilot teams across the company. Companies can accelerate the adoption without the risk of projects failing due to the initial limited understanding of the Agile process. They can lean on an Agile coach or expert team who can guide all members through the common problems that arise, while also helping executives understand the changes that occur at the higher PMO level.

One of Cprime’s most powerful Agile training sessions is their Enterprise Agile Development with Scrum (EAD) Course. The EAD course provides a practical, hands-on introduction to the Scrum process. The first objective is to teach students how to plan and execute projects with a Scrum process. The second objective is to teach students how to capture requirements and plan implementations involving long time scales and multiple teams.

Unlike certification classes that focus on one role, like the Certified Scrum Master, the Enterprise Agile Development course is designed for audiences that contain all roles: Developers, QA Engineers, Project Managers, Product Managers, and anyone else who needs to know how a Scrum process works at the practical level. Organizations benefit from the focus on practicality, because they learn the concrete practices of real-world Scrum projects.

Kevin Thompson, PhD, Cprime’s senior Agile trainer and consultant, develops educational materials for the agile methodology, including developing courses like the Enterprise Agile Development with Scrum course. He also works with Cprime’s clients, guiding them through successful adoption of the agile processes. Kevin has often been successful in rescuing troubled or failed Scrum projects when organizations have not fully adopted the methodology effectively. His depth of knowledge in Agile and practical hands-on approach to training makes him a valuable asset to organizational teams. Kevin helps large companies scale agile by guiding teams through common problems that arise with larger organizations, such as distributed teams, hybrid projects and documentation issues.

Cprime continues to expand their footprint in the IT space by developing services in new methodologies that organizations are looking to adopt. By staying ahead of the market and continuously developing their suite of services, cPrime can bring life-time value to any organization. To learn more about cPrime’s services and their agile training offerings please visit www.cprime.com.