Distributed teams can now build faster with Bitbucket

This post is brought to you by our partner, Atlassian and features insights from our CEO, Zubin Irani.

Strong innovators have always aspired to be faster. Fast development cycles lead to more innovation and lower costs according to a recent survey on innovation by Boston Consulting Group. We at Atlassian are committed to helping teams deliver software at speed. Last September, we announced critical new capabilities to enable teams to do just that: build faster with Bitbucket. We’re excited to announce that these features are now available:

  • Smart Mirroring to improve clone performance for distributed teams, available in Bitbucket Data Center
  • Git LFS support to allow collaboration on all file types of any size, available in Bitbucket Server and Data Center
  • Projects for organizing multiple repositories, available in Bitbucket Cloud, Server and Data Center


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