How Service Desk Can Redefine What IT Means to Your Business

Sad to say, some IT departments are in a constant state of organized chaos.

Internally, the IT department is historically despised simply because every time an associate has a problem it instantly becomes the biggest issue they’ve dealt with that week. They can’t accomplish anything until it’s resolved, so every minute that IT is working on the issue is a minute wasted as far as they’re concerned.

Externally, the situation isn’t much better. In today’s digital environment, people have come to expect instant gratification. So when a tweet comes in identifying an issue, that user expects a response within minutes and a resolution soon after. Anything less than that gets chalked up as “poor service”.

As a result, the average IT department consists of a handful of highly stressed individuals doing the very best they can to keep up with a seemingly endless backlog of issues coming in via email, social media, telephone, and web form. They want nothing more than to resolve every issue that comes up, but they simply don’t have the bandwidth to handle it all fast enough and thoroughly enough to make their end users happy.

There has to be a better way

There must be a better way for IT professionals to accomplish what they want and need to do without getting hated on by everyone they’re serving.

An optimal solution would improve the team’s speed and efficiency so that more issues could be resolved in less time, getting more users up and running faster and with less cause for complaint.

At the same time, this solution would make life easier for the handful of overworked IT professionals who are responsible for fixing these issues. It won’t just hide the problem, but it will actually fix the problem with the average IT department.

JIRA Service Desk is a better way

Through years of experience working with Atlassian’s suite of project management solutions, and well over a year working with JIRA Service Desk in particular, we’re confident in naming JIRA Service Desk as a clear solution to the current chaotic IT environment.

Especially for development companies that already rely on JIRA for other project management instances, it makes perfect sense to include Service Desk as a natural extension of the JIRA ecosystem and cut down the learning curve for everyone involved. But if you don’t currently use JIRA for project management, the Service Desk solution is still an exceptional alternative to other well-known options like ZenDesk.

JIRA Service Desk is one of the Atlassian tools we routinely recommend to our clients because of its ease of installation, its dramatic improvements in issue resolution, and its short learning curve. As Platinum Partners, our consultants are highly skilled at helping direct an installation that will work best for your organization.

This coming Tuesday, March 31st, we will be hosting a special free event called JIRA @ Your Service in which we’ll discuss the benefits of integrating JIRA Service Desk into your current IT environment. The event will be held at 9:00 AM at the Atlassian DevDen, 1098 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA.

For more details, please RSVP at the official event site.

We look forward to seeing you there!