Introduction to Portfolio Management and Portfolio Governance

Portfolio Management is a term that is buzzing in the industry, but it is often loosely defined and thereby difficult to integrate into the organization. cPrime’s new service offerings and trainings on Portfolio Governance introduces customizable recipes, techniques and guidance for defining decision making at the portfolio level of the organization. We define flows in process and ceremonies, organizational strategy, portfolio charters, initiatives and business cases, decision factors, return-related factors and more.

We define a Portfolio as a collection of Initiatives to be planned, funded, executed, tracked, and delivered, and define Portfolio Management as decision making about which Initiatives to undertake, and in what order and ow and whether to continue, modify, or cancel ongoing Initiatives. cPrime’s governance approach is Agile Portfolio Governance, an Agile STYLE of governance, which enables rapid decisions, based on lightweight artifacts developed with minimum effort and is applicable to any process (Agile, Plan-Driven, Hybrid, etc.)

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