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Enterprise Technology & Financial Management

ITFM Best Practices, Part 3: Driving Strategic Growth through Leadership and Collaboration

As we advance in our series on transforming IT Financial Management (ITFM) into a strategic asset for the organization, we…

Enterprise Technology & Financial Management

ITFM Best Practices Part 2: Being Proactive, Building Accountability, and Gaining Trust

Building on the foundational practices of establishing a unified financial perspective and streamlining IT expenditure, covered in Part 1 of…

Enterprise Technology & Financial Management

ITFM Best Practices Part 1: Creating a Unified Perspective and Streamlining IT Expenditure

The strategic management of IT financials has become a cornerstone for organizations aiming to harness technology as a driver of…


Are Your Portfolios Built for Innovation or Stagnation?

Every organization today sees the need to be innovative. But, very few actually succeed at that goal with any consistency.…

Project to Product

Skyrocket Your Portfolio Planning and Forecasting

Every business wants to have the ability to accurately forecast what’s going to happen in the future. And, not just…

Agile Development with Scrum

Why Quarterly Portfolio Planning is Better Than Annual

It’s quite common for companies to handle strategic planning on an annual basis, either on the calendar year or the…

agile finance

Are We Spending Agile Funds Correctly?

As more and more organizations adopt a SAFe-based top-down approach to scaled Agile, discussions about value streams and return on…

portfolio management

Introduction to Portfolio Management and Portfolio Governance

Portfolio Management is a term that is buzzing in the industry, but it is often loosely defined and thereby difficult…

agile portfolio management

Cprime Portfolio Management Solution

C-Level Executives, PMO Directors, Product Managers, and others make critical decisions about where to invest an organization’s resources when developing…