Move to cloud to maintain a business modern edge with AWS

An introduction to AWS Cloud

To know Cloud strategy is to love Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services (AWS), first released in 2006, is the leading cloud services platform that offers computing power, database storage, content delivery and other vast functionality that helps businesses of all sizes scale and grow. AWS provides infrastructure solutions and products that cater to just about every industry you can think of. Their solutions range from computing, to storage, developer tools, business productivity and (about 87 – yes, 90+ total solutions) more.

What is the cloud?

To fully understand the potential of AWS, it is necessary understand the purpose and benefits of cloud computing. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing power, database storage, applications, and IT resources through a cloud services platform. Cloud computing has three main functions that are commonly referred to as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).Cloud computing saves companies the large upfront investments in infrastructure, hardware, and labor costs that is all too often associated with on premise solutions. The cloud provides a simple way to do the same things, on demand with greater flexibility and stability all via the internet.

Benefits of AWS cloud?

Data center and server costs are cut – you only pay for what you use on cloud. NO CAPEX, no long-term commitments, and no upfront costs.

Easy to Use – Accessible anytime, anywhere via the internet. AWS Management Console or APIs provide quick configuration to host applications. Thorough API documentation available. AWS Migration Partners provide services to assist businesses in move, set up, and operating their hosted environment. AWS Partner Competency Program verifies partner has expertise and skills to perform these services as required.

Flexible – Scale up and down usage and tiers as necessary. Your virtual environment for application/installations is built to customer specification of OS, programming language, Web applications, database, etc.

Compatibility Certification – AWS certifies patch and version upgrades of databases, firmware, networking, etc before live promotion.

Security and Compliance – AWS protects data in highly secure data centers, uses intelligent threat detection with continuous monitoring. AWS has compliance programs in healthcare, finance, government, trade, and more to support regulatory requirements. Audits conducted by 3rd party and compliance reporting portal available.

Scalable and Performance – AWS tools provide on-demand delivery of IT resources to increase or decrease as needed for sustaining high performance. Geo restrictions are no more – lower latency and better experience for customers

Innovative – Quickly add innovative services thru add-ons and applications from the AWS marketplace.

And why does it matter?

AWS is the leading cloud services platform for a good reason – it provides modern technology of cloud computing with security, scalability, and performance that is more cost effective than many alternatives today. AWS supports the architectural and pricing needs of all sizes of companies, startups all the way to enterprise applications customers, with better reliability that are more affordable than other alternatives. AWS cloud computing gives you the flexibility to build your application just how you need it…and more importantly, to continue to grow. Companies need to start planning the move to cloud to maintain a business modern edge.

Companies need to start planning the move to cloud in order to maintain a business and technological edge. For more information and a complete introduction to AWS, download the white paper, Overview of Amazon Web Services here.


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