Why We Love Agile (and Why You Should Too!)

Are we biased?

Maybe a little. After all, Agile looms large in the cPrime legend.

But when we say we love Agile, it’s not just because we’ve arranged our entire business model around helping companies adopt Agile methodologies and thrive using them. We honestly feel Agile offers tremendous value to any product development program.

Here are just a few reasons why we love Agile, and why you should too:

Quality is Baked In

Unlike other more traditional product development methodologies, QA is an intrinsic part of the Agile process from the start. A well-balanced Agile team will include a QA associate who will keep everyone focused on mitigating errors as they go rather than waiting until the end of the process to figure out where they went wrong.

The Customer is Involved

Really, who’s more important in the development process than the customer who you hope will buy your product at the end? That’s why it’s so exciting that Agile development puts a high priority on obtaining and acting on customer feedback. Because the Agile process offers a functioning product quickly, your team can rework the product repeatedly as feedback comes in. It saves time, effort and money while focusing on the features and options users consider most important.

Agile Fails Faster

A huge percentage of products fail for one reason or another. In decades past, this could mean enormous investments and debilitating losses. What we love about Agile is that these failures show up early and repeatedly, giving you literally dozens of opportunities to turn them around, or to decide to drop a dud before it’s completely exhausted its budget.

Agile is Realistically Flexible

These multiple opportunities to adjust the course and improve the product – both by applying customer feedback and by identifying problems quickly – highlight one of Agile’s greatest strengths: its inherent flexibility. Traditional project management methods rely heavily on pre-planning and delivering a finished product according to that plan. But once the product is finished, QA and the customer may bring up a thousand reasons why the plan was wrong to begin with.

Of course, these are just a few reasons why we love Agile. What about you? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the reason Agile warms your heart.

If any of the above seems completely off base or unfamiliar to you, maybe you’re not getting the most out of Agile. Take a look at this quick overview of Scrum , the most popular Agile framework, and compare it with your current Agile processes. If there’s a gap there, we’d love to help you fill it.