5 Reasons to Receive Datadog Training

If you’re on the lookout for technical courses to take part in, Datadog training is a great option. Right off the bat, it stands out by being a great skill addition for both network experts and operational team members of a technical product delivery outfit.

This post will share some of the most attractive reasons why NetOps teams are signing up for Datadog boot camps. These five reasons make being able to use Datadog a skill you can bank on for a future in the tech line of work. datadog

  1. Features in Datadog will give you control of your infrastructure.
  2. Datadog is fast becoming popular as a NetOps tool.
  3. Multiple integration options make it a one-size-fits-all tool.
  4. Know what to touch to optimize your apps.
  5. Increase your employability.

Before we explain each of the reasons above, perhaps it makes more sense to start with a clear definition of just what Datadog is all about.

What Is Datadog?

No, there’s no actual animal involved in any way but the company’s branding. Instead, Datadog is a collection of software development environment monitoring and optimization tools. All under one umbrella (so to say). These features range from database monitoring and web app testing all the way to application performance monitoring—each of which you routinely have to pay for separately and adopt from different vendors.

With just this primer, the reasons that follow should fill in some missing pieces as to what you can accomplish with Datadog.

1. Regain Control of Your Network Infrastructure

The moment you get to experience Datadog’s full catalog of features will mostly be life-changing. Work-life at least. Rarely do you find application performance monitoring (APM), log management, testing, profiling, and data visibility features all within one platform.

2. Datadog Is Fast Becoming a NetOps Tool of Choice

When your competitors are likely to be using Datadog, you too should keep up with the trend. The advantages it brings to them are miles that they pull ahead of you.

3. Multiple Integration Options

The 450+ and growing third-party platform integrations cover a huge range of pipeline permutations. You can trust your sense of exploration to draft and implement a perfectly functional end-to-end monitoring workflow.

4. Make Light Work of Fault Finding and Resolving

Even when your network crashes, tracing back to the events that caused it becomes easy with Datadog. Save your company the complexity, shame, and financial loss closely married to downtimes. It all starts with some Datadog training.

5. Learn Datadog and Increase Your Employability

It’s wise to take a hint when a considerable number of companies start using a particular tool. With Datadog’s 41% market share, you’re likely to be asked if you can use it in your next role interview.

How to Start Datadog Training

Full disclosure: Before taking the Datadog training route, just make sure to familiarize yourself with cloud network management—especially the concepts around distributed network administration. While these are presumed as base knowledge points, no heavy coding experience will be required of you. At least know how to set up and configure popular workflows as the first step toward getting ready to take on the course.

From the list of reasons we’ve only just touched on, it’s clear why signing up for Datadog training makes so much sense. This applies to individuals working as consultants, just as it counts for sizeable teams of network engineers. Understanding Datadog and being able to conduct technical tasks with it could well be the key to landing and keeping your next role. And nothing would be more embarrassing than meeting Datadog for the very first time when you’re called up as the “expert.”

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Taurai Mutimutema
Taurai Mutimutema