Boost the Capabilities of Jira with Our Suite of Apps: The Power Portfolio

Cprime unveils the Power Portfolio, a transformative suite of apps that boosts the ability to automate, integrate and customize JIRA to take your teams to the next level.

Power Portfolio leverages Simple Issue Language (SIL), an innovative, powerful and intuitive scripting language, to help JIRA users easily automate workflows, insert custom fields and screens, and integrate with databases.

Power Portfolio, a group of five JIRA apps that help users streamline and automate their work. Included in the Power Portfolio are Power Scripts for JIRA, Power Actions for JIRA, Power Custom Fields, Power Database Fields, and Agile Reports for Jira.

Power Scripts for JIRA is an easy to use scripting tool that helps automate functions and expose data in JIRA. Power Scrips for JIRA is also much easier to implement than other scripting tools. Power Actions for JIRA lets users extend functionality without modifying their workflow. Users can also create dialogs, operations, and buttons on the fly. Power Custom Fields offers a suite of customizations that include new field types and field inheritance options beyond what JIRA natively offers. Power Database Fields extracts and imports data from external databases and brings it cleanly into Jira custom fields that users can filter and search. Agile Reports for JIRA tracks team progress toward planned sprints, versions, and releases, compares committed versus delivered work and exports reports to analyze team data.

Unlike other applications that require heavy scripting in order to build in automation, the apps in the Power Portfolio use Simple Issue Language (SIL), a more user friendly scripting approach that avoids common issues seen with more complex scripting languages like groovy or java.

“We often find that while customers love JIRA, they want to be able to harness the full power of JIRA, automating more functions, and having customizations that remains stable with any version upgrades. With the apps in Cprime’s new Power Portfolio, JIRA users can now accomplish this in a easier, faster, consolidated and more cost effective manner than they’ve ever done in the past,” said Zubin Irani, CEO of Cprime.

“This portfolio aids our teams in providing customized holistic tooling solutions as part of our JIRA Software Consulting services,” said Brandon Huff, VP of JIRA Software Services.

The apps in the Power Portfolio are available to purchase in the Atlassian Marketplace and at

Maxwell Traers
Maxwell Traers
Technical Content Contributor, Cprime