How Should I Run Atlassian? Atlassian Cloud vs. Data Center vs. Cprime Cloud

Like many Atlassian users you’re probably excited about the deployment options that are now available to you, while at the same time you may find it challenging to pick the option that’s right for you and your organization.

To cut through the clutter and help you make the optimal choice we provided below a quick rundown of what options are available to you, how they compare on a list of key features and capabilities, and in what situations each make the most sense.

Feature Atlassian Cloud Atlassian Data Center/Server Cprime Private Cloud (AWS)
Access Application Only Full Access, system and user administration required Access can be customized as necessary for integrations or insights
Add-Ons Currently some compatibility; number of apps grows daily due to heavy investment by Atlassian to make platform more accessible and robust. No restrictions No restriction
Administration Needed by Client Functional (System Administration Disabled) Functional, Application, Backend, Infrastructure None if Cprime managed support is included or Functional
Application Upgrades Automatically done by Atlassian on their schedule – always on latest & greatest Manage and maintain periodic upgrades for software, security, and maintenance updates to keep up-to-date Free upgrades included, scheduled to meet your maintenance windows and frequency
Compliance Independent, third-party audits and certifications, including SOC 2, SOC 3, PCI DSS, ISO/IEC, VPAT, and more.
FedRamp is not yet available
Manage and maintain compliance Fully managed based on customer requirements
Customizations & Integrations Restricted to the application functionality Unrestricted; Can be extended beyond application functionality, but requires technical expertise on configurations and integrations Fully managed based on customer requirements
Reliability High performance and availability built on best-in-class cloud technologies.

Certain subscription tiers are financially backed with service level credits.

Manage and maintain reliability Fully managed based on customer requirements
Scalability 10,000 Users Max per product;

Disk storage limitation for certain subscription tiers

Limited by implementation and maintenance of infrastructure and/or hardware, i.e. DB, Multi-node instances, load balancing, Data Center configurations. Unlimited; Cloud architecture accounts for scale possibilities, while implementation and execution are fully managed.
Security Security is built into cloud products, infrastructure, and processes. Manage and maintain security and compliance Fully managed based on customer requirements
Summary Excellent solution suited for small companies starting out, medium established organizations, or large enterprises, built with modern cloud technologies to allow for stability, scalability, security and performance. Suitable for enterprise organizations with highly detailed business, security or compliance requirements. Requires significant internal resources to implement and maintain. Flexible solution that fits enterprises with varying scale and requirements. Eliminates technical costs associated with application and infrastructure implementations.

Those mission critical Atlassian systems your organization relies on need to scale as your organization grows. We strongly urge you to consult with an expert when planning and executing your migration. As an Atlassian Enterprise Premier Partner, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the complexities of this important transition, from the early planning stages to a complete, successful deployment on the cloud.

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Pavel Fomin, Director of Engineering, Cloud Migrations
Pavel Fomin, Director of Engineering, Cloud Migrations