Must Know Acronyms When Scaling Agile for the Enterprise

Just like the federal government, the Agile world is full of acronyms. We compiled a list to provide you with a GTR (go-to resource) for key Agile and cPrime acronyms.

SAFeTM – Scaled Agile Framework

The Scaled Agile Framework is a proven, publicly available framework for applying Agile practices at enterprise scale. It allows you to translate Agile project ideals to the program and portfolio management levels. At cPrime, we use SAFeTM as a framework for Agile training and coaching.

SPC – SAFeTMProgram Consultants

These SAFeTM experts will be the main conduit between where you are now and where you want to be on an enterprise level.

They identify and align a team of executives, stakeholders, and organizational architects to assess your organization’s Agile maturity and SAFeTM adoption maturity before your transformation. This allows them to effectively recommend the proper combination of training and coaching to make your transformation a fast and permanent success.

Your SPC will also carry a lot of the training load as you make your move to Agile. They’ll even train internal associates to carry on their role after they leave.

SA – SAFeTM Agiliists

SA’s are your own executives, managers, and leaders, trained to take the reins and lead the organization into a bright, Agile future. After all, our SPC’s can’t hang out forever.

SP – SAFeTM Practitioner

The SP training certifies any other member of the Agile team: developers, testers, QA. SPs are fully aware of the Agile project management philosophy and their role in making it run smoothly as the Agile Release Train gets rolling.

RAGETM – Recipes for Agile Governance in the Enterprise

RAGETM is a proprietary repository of principles for Agile governance. When assisting clients through an Agile transformation, we incorporate standard RAGE principles or work with the client to develop customized “recipes” to fit their own unique situation.

PMP® – Project Management Professional®

This certification offered through the PMI (Project Management Institute) is recognized worldwide as the most important industry certification for project managers. It “demonstrates you have the experience, education, and competency to lead and direct projects.” Although cPrime does not directly provide the certification, we do offer resources to help prepare you for the PMP exam, including PMP Boot Camp.

PMBOK® GuideTM – Project Management Book of Knowledge

The Project Managment Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)® Guide, also created and maintained by the PMI, provides a global standard that makes up the foundation of the project management profession.

PMO – Project (or Product) Management Office

The business department responsible for defining and maintaining standards for project management within an organization. More often than not, these standards are largely based on the PMBOKTM. You can access a free white paper called The Agile PMO for more info.

DAD – Disciplined Agile Delivery

An enhanced framework for scaling Agile practices to the enterprise level. Proponents of DAD ascribe to the Disciplined Agile Manifesto, an update to the original Agile Manifesto of 2001. DAD does an excellent job of “filling in the blanks” where Scrum leaves off, and therefore provides an excellent next step for organizations looking to scale Scrum or other Agile methodologies to the larger and more complex enterprise.

(PMI-ACP)®, PMBOK® Guide, and PMI are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.