Immediate Value of Integrating Your Atlassian Tool Stack

If there is one sentiment that rings true in life, it is that no person is an island. The help, specialization, and connection that other people provide us is not just nice to have, it is an absolute necessity. This too holds true for your enterprise systems. The misconception is that one platform will satisfy a range of functions and another will have their own. More often now, we are seeing a clear need to bridge together our technology for improved results.

In order to see the full impact of the systems in your organization, integration is key. Here are some common conversations we have with clients:

  • I want the ability to click on a link in both tools so that I can see my work items on both platforms.
  • I want the ability to sync Status, JIRA ID, Component, Custom Fields and other relevant attributes in each system so that it enables me to manage data in one place.
  • I want the ability to specify a one-way or two-way integration so that I can define a push or pull of data based on my needs.

A common way is to integrate separate applications and create linkage between both systems. Out of the box software might have great features that satisfy a number of needs in your organization, but it overlaps or does not fit in with your existing technology. This creates duplication of time and effort to properly maintain both systems. A linkage needs to be made for best results, whether through an integration app like Workato, or via custom integrations developed for the purpose.

Let’s talk integration and WHY it might be the answer for you.

Custom Integrations Utilize Data Better

These days, everyone is talking Big Data and every day, data continues to grow in both size and importance. Integrating systems presents new and better ways to manage and utilize these resources; it gives us:

  • Deeper visibility and reporting data, resulting in better decisions
  • Reduction or elimination of time waste and duplication of work
  • Linkages between business applications and for ease of use among all users
  • Better collaboration among departments

Custom Integrations Help You Save on Cost

The benefits associated with integration produces greater ROI. Here is why:

  • Workflows work can be reused among other projects, reducing development costs
  • Money saved by not replacing old platforms can be better used elsewhere
  • Cut time waste by improving and streamlining workflows
  • A unified application structure supports performance across all departments

Custom Integrations Help You Improve Your Response Time

When integration is done properly, it simplifies processes and makes work easy to manage. For example, completing tasks suddenly becomes efficient with real time notifications and alerts for work items. With the process living in one integrated system, problems are solved and changes can be made with a few clicks rather than visiting multiple platforms.

Want to visualize your data better, save on costs and improve your response time? We have helped countless clients connect thier Atlassian tools with Splunk, Bitbucket, GIT, Rally, V1, SFDC, ServiceNow, and Zendesk, Learn more about our integration services.

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Cassidy Knight
Cassidy Knight
Agile Coach, Cprime