Message Driven Agility (pt. 1): Fighting Fragmentation with Atlassian + Slack

Let’s face it. Our world of work is fragmented despite our best efforts to achieve agility. At the heart of successful Agile transformations are tech stacks powered by workflows that transcend across value streams. Organizational levels and business functions require integrated tooling and processes in order to collaborate on work in a unified way. High performing, hyper growth always involves a lean and agile tech stack that consistently delivers innovation from its value stream to get to the customer quicker. While interconnected tooling value streams may seem like a stretch goal for some, Cprime and Slack provide solutions that quickly enable message driven agility for immediate improvement in transparency, automation and process waste reduction.


Slack + Atlassian

Slack capabilities go far beyond messaging, offering a remedy to fragmented silos by providing context for work and reducing friction between teams and employees. Slack integrations with your mission critical tools, like the Atlassian stack offers reduced tool complexity, light weight workflows, and a faster path to value. Here’s how:


Integrate your teams & technologies, allowing you to bring your workflows through Slack to simplify and align on where the work gets done.


Tuning business effectiveness and efficiency through Slack+ Atlassian to enable outcome-driven agility and speed.


Design and execute a new culture of collaboration with a comprehensive framework of support and change management expertise.



Quantifiable Results

Studies indicate that the integration of Slack and Atlassian helps organizations be more responsive to customers and changes in the market to make a measurable impact for achieving agility. Check out these Slack + Atlassian benefits

• Improved Collaboration (86%)

• Reducing manual tasks w/ automation (71%)

• Improved Consistency (64%)

• Supporting enterprise tool integrations (60%)

• Improving incident and bug response (62%)

• Real-time notifications/status updates (56%)

• Improved collaboration and knowledge management (54%)

• Improved response times (56%)

• Time savings of over 6 hours/ week (64%)

Data provided by 415 research: Digital Transformation Trends Driving Team Collaboration And Productivity


Slack Workflows

Slack integrations for automation can transcend every business unit. Here are some use cases that Cprime has engineered for customers:

HR & Onboarding

Use Slack alongside HR tooling to be a central hub for new hire journeys and onboarding. Offer warm welcomes and get the hire up to speed with context quicker and with immediate feedback.

Customer Support

Slack plus Jira Service Desk helps centeralize product knowledge into a single self service portal that automates customer support and reduces your team’s overhead.


Sales & Marketing

Automate and manage Marketing and Sales pipelines so that data and updates can drive sales activities in real time. Enable team members to be proactive about closing deals and following up with leads vs. reactive.


IT and Dev

Real time notifications and issue links between Jira, Slack and other dev tools provide both context and reduction of waste so teams can stay aligned to release software faster.

Check out our webinar on how to turn Slack into an enterprise collaboration hub for more use cases.

Investments towards modern tech stacks are continuing to increase, yet it is hard to know which tools actually achieve value and which are just “work traps”. An average developer alone uses over 14 tools every day, but remember this: you don’t have to get caught going round and round on the swiveling chair. The first step is to focus on reducing complexity and fragmentation and connect the most critical tools. Context is everything and being able to tune this context into the common areas of where we work and collaborate every day brings more efficiency and allows us to act fast, automate the flow of work and make faster and more efficient decisions.

With countless additional use cases, learn more about turning Slack and Atlassian into a collaboration hub for enterprise collaboration and building message driven agility.

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