WOD: Optimize Portfolio Performance with Agile Techniques & Jira – Part 2

Some organizations spend months or even years attempting to create a workable portfolio management solution – often with little success. So, how do organizations determine if their software portfolio is working? Can your portfolio answer basic questions related to productivity or performance? With Agile Portfolio Management and Jira, organizations can apply simple techniques to create a software portfolio that satisfies organizational needs.

In Part 2 of this 2-part webinar series, Anthony Crain, Delivery Manager at Blue Agility, presents more advanced agile practices, such innovation accounting, alignment and Portfolio ROI to achieve what more complex portfolio practices often do not. Crain demonstrates how to harness the power of JIRA to standardize and centralize these practices resulting in more dynamic portfolio management and reporting.

Join us to learn how Software Portfolio Management along with JIRA allows organizations to:

  • Maximize the ROI of their technology and IT work
  • Identify what work to staff and what work to leave in backlog to a later date
  • Determine ROI of individual efforts or entire initiatives when going agile
  • Identify which innovations are working, such as adopting agile or using offshore resources

Watch Part 1 of the webinar series here

Cassidy Knight
Cassidy Knight
Agile Coach, Cprime