Atlassian Software Migrations

Atlassian Software Migrations

Migrating to a new tool can be challenging and Agile tools are no exception. An incomplete or incorrect migration can be costly and frustrating. If you’re moving to any of the Atlassian tools, let cPrime help you quickly and easily migrate your existing data.

We can help you migrate from any of the following systems:

  • Rally
  • Oracle Siebel / SalesForce Cases
  • IBM ClearQuest
  • VersionOne
  • MKS
  • JIRA On-Demand / Cloud
  • Team Track / FogBugz
  • Any bug or issue tracking system
We’ve done countless migrations from dozens of tools and have the expertise and to ensure it’s done right the first time. Our approach focuses on all data (attachments, html, users, etc) and maintaining their integrity. We are meticulous in our execution, making sure your data gets neatly extracted, translated, and loaded into your new instance. We’ve developed IP around our migration process and software to ensure a rapid migration is done with Zero Data Loss.

Our Migration Approach

1. Identify Source Data – fields/data from your Source system that you want to bring over to JIRA and custom fields

2. Setup Target System – Configure JIRA’s workflow and fields

3. Extract Data from Source

4. Transform & prepare data and scripts for Target

5. Load data into Target System

6. Validate data migration

If you have the internal skillset to manage your own migration our utility scripts can help speed up your migration. We offer an alternative solution, tailored for Rally to JIRA migrations. Purchase your Rally-to-JIRA Migration Tool Kit for just of $5000. It includes a 12-month license to our product, customized scripts for every part of the migration process, and 5 hours of complementary consulting from one of our JIRA Architect Experts.

As a distinguished Atlassian partner (one of only 8 Platinum Experts in North America), you’ll benefit from our experience with Atlassian products across multiple sectors. cPrime brings real migration experience to each client. How can we help you?