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Validating Monitoring Performance Metrics in Agile
WebinarValidating Monitoring Performance Metrics in Agile

Evaluate agile performance metrics & understand the benefits Many firms that have been doing agile can not determine how or…

Agile Team Velocity Template
Tool/TemplateAgile Team Velocity Template

Scrum Velocity Template Improve Your Agile Team's Sprint Estimation and Organization.   The amount of work an Agile Team can…

Burndown Chart Template
Tool/TemplateBurndown Chart Template

Scrum Tools At the start of a Sprint, the team breaks down each item in the Sprint backlog into a…

Cumulative Flow Diagram (Burnup Chart)
Tool/TemplateCumulative Flow Diagram (Burnup Chart)

Cumulative Flow Diagram (Burnup Chart) Scrum Tools Much as a Burndown Chart shows work remaining, a Burnup Chart or Cumulative…