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Git Consulting & Training

Git Consulting and Training

Modern development teams are often distributed; both geographically and organizationally, and your source code version control system should be too. Utilizing a distributed version control system (DVCS) like Git has many advantages over centralized solutions such as SVN, CVS, Perforce, and Team Foundation (TFS). If you’re thinking of making the move to Git, lean on cPrime to help. We don’t just deliver Git solutions, we deliver them in concert with your most pressing business modernization initiatives.

Training, Migrating and Deploying

We’ve helped organizations big and small migrate years worth of source code, trained end users and managers on usage and best practices, and developed solutions around integrating with preferred CI/CD tools.

Get more value out of Git

Git shines when deployed within the larger context of modern SDLC tools. Integrating Git into your business workflows for visibility, traceability and CI/CD automation can accelerate your development pipeline.

Hosted Solutions

If security is a showstopper or enterprise-grade features are a must, we can help deploy Git behind your firewall or host/manage Git solutions such as GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, or Bitbucket on our Virtual Private Cloud.

Why Git?

Work your way.
With branching strategy flexibility and a multitude of integration and automation options, Git can reflect the way your team works or aspires to work, with no development collision.

Why cPrime?

Holistic Consulting Solutions
We don’t just deliver all things Git. Our holistic approach delivers solutions in concert with your most challenging people, process and technology initiatives.
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