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Atlassian Discovery Packages

Gap analysis for Atlassian customers of all sizes

Discover a path forward

(Small) Team Level Atlassian Discovery

Focused on a team’s needs, with limited 3-5 interviews with team leads and team members and no analysis/evaluation outside of the team needed: 40-50 hours

(Medium) Organizational Atlassian Discovery

Focused on an organization’s needs (multiple teams) with up to 125 people in the organization and 7-10 interviews with key stakeholders and team leads: 130-140 hours

(Large) Enterprise Atlassian Discovery

Focused on an enterprise’s needs (multiple organizations) with 20-25 interviews across teams: 400+ hours and custom scoped

The Atlassian Discovery package identifies issues and gaps in client’s environment to determine the best approach to resolution. This fixed-bid, tiered offering provides directional recommendations with the following focus:

  • Approach to achieve desired state for Jira, Confluence, and Add-ons
  • Understand current state of configuration, challenges, and future Atlassian needs
  • Determine recommendations with scope of next phase/steps
  • Share discovery findings

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