Atlassian Quickstart Package

Light Speed Atlassian Setup, hand in hand with our experts

If you’re new to the Atlassian suite and need it optimized for your teams, use the Atlassian Quick-Start package to quickly and effectively deploy your instance based on best practices.

Best Practices

Get your teams running on Atlassian best practices that allow your organization to scale, respond more quickly to innovations and achieve best outcomes

Rapid Adoption

Change is difficult – the right training and coaching from the outset will help ease the transition and promote adoption

Tailored Environment

Customize Atlassian to reflect your specific organization structure, processes, workflows and strategic initiatives to achieve maximum business impact

Reduce Overhead

Skip the trial and error and hit the ground running. As Atlassian Platinum Solution and Enterpise Partner, Cprime has helped countless clients make the most of their Atlassian stack

Our Approach

Assessment & Design

Understand your environment to design your desired solution landscape. Define best practice workflows, notifications, schemes, security groups. and customized mission-critical dashboards/reporting

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Set up and configure your Atlassian environment for better performance, cost efficiency, and scalability

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Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian Training

Provide top notch hands-on training to both User and Administrative roles

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Our accreditations

Atlassian Cloud Specialized

Get started with Atlassian, Quickstart style