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Your process is only as strong as the tools used to support it


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Cprime has an extensive bench of veteran certified Atlassian Solution

Architects to help your teams best utilize Atlassian software.


We get your Atlassian products and apps, running optimally, and in alignment with your process.
From assessment and design, to implementation and configuration, all the way to enterprise scaling, our experts have the solutions to make your tool work for you. At every step of the way, we provide interactive and practical training courses and coaching for Atlassian tool mastery, in order to help your Agile projects thrive.

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Atlassian Enterprise Solutions

  • Instant Scalability
  • Performance at Scale
  • High Availability

Atlassian Enterprise provides mission critical products, premier support and strategic services for customers to optimize their Atlassian applications for large Enterprises.

The Data Center deployment that provides high availability and performance at scale for your mission critical Atlassian applications. Atlassian’s new release of JIRA Data Center now offers up Clustering and a High Availability solution for JIRA, allowing you to utilize multiple nodes to run JIRA without having to separate or federate your instances. cPrime is one of the first Experts to get Certified to advise and implement this technology and has a great deal of experience with clustering, load balancing and high availability solutions for large enterprises.

Premier Support delivers account-level access to a dedicated senior engineering team providing enhanced availability and SLAs for all your Atlassian applications. This includes a Technical Account Manager (TAM) to provide providing guidance and advice to help with any Atlassian product architecture and design decision. Premier support also includes access to Atlassian Expert partners to provide technical expertise for your most complex needs and solutions.

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New Atlassian Customers

Your solution may consist of the following:

  • Your solution may consist of the following:
  • Define your desired solution landscape
  • Install and stand-up software environments
  • Configure mission-critical dashboards and customized reporting
  • Identify the ideal system architecture for your needs

Existing Atlassian Customers

Your solution may consist of the following:

  • Full integration and roll out of Atlassian products
  • Enhance platform with new apps or advanced functionality
  • Upgrade to the latest software releases
  • Optimize your workflow with boards, reports and more
  • Redesign and restructure your configuration to optimize process changes
  • Revisit user roles, permissions, and security groups
  • Implementation of enterprise solutions
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We work with you from a practical focus to make sure your tools are optimized and configured to maximize efficiency and productivity across your teams. All consultants have an Agile background with a great deal of experience tackling common enterprise tool challenges around planning, delivery, and reporting. Cprime has been successful working with many organizations supporting Agile methodologies within their development organizations through better Tools training, configuration, customization and optimization.

Configurations contain, but are not limited to the customization of:

  • Workflows
  • Fields
  • Agile Boards
  • User permissions
  • Issue types
  • Custom scripting
  • Screens
  • Add-on installation and configuration

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