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InfographicManagement & Leadership

Infographic: Global Tech Talent Shortage

The global tech talent shortage is at a record high and continues to be on the rise. Review the infographic…


Infographic: Atlassian Cloud Security is a Shared Responsibility

Atlassian has set up Cloud subscribers for success with so many robust measures in place. But, all the high-quality tools…

InfographicAtlassian Tools

A Visual Guide to Agile & DevOps Tooling

There are thousands of Agile and DevOps tooling options out there and picking the right combination can be critical to…

InfographicJira Align

Jira Align or Advance Roadmaps – What is Right for Your Organization?

Use this decision tree to determine whether Jira Align or Advance Roadmaps is right for your organization:


Cloud vs. Server vs. Cloud – How Should You Run Atlassian?

Use this comparison chart to determine how you should run Atlassian:


Can You Keep Up With the Speed of Agile and DevOps?

Rapid disruptive changes are driven by more complex customers with rapidly changing needs. Learn more with this infographic:

InfographicManagement & Leadership

The Effective Leadership Checklist

Leadership requires a lot of careful planning and decision making. That’s what makes it both challenging and rewarding. But, when…


Atlassian PLUS: Integrations that Supercharge Jira

Integrating Jira with the rest of your mission critical tools provides increased visibility, traceability and boosts collaboration through the entire…

InfographicManagement & Leadership

The Top 6 Reasons Digital Transformation Fails

It is well documented that the odds of a successful digital transformation are stacked against us. This infographic lays out…

Product Manager
InfographicProduct Management

Top 7 Tips for Product Managers

Being a Product Manager can be a tough job, but it is also incredibly rewarding. As more and more organizations…


Planning meets development with GitLab + Jira

Jira is an amazing tool for work management and GitLab is the Devops platform of choice for many developers. Together…


Challenges to Cloud Don’t Need to Be Barriers

Migrations are never quite as easy as they sound. The migration to cloud will unveil a world of benefit, but…


Atlassian Cloud Options – What’s Your Path to the Cloud?

Know you want to migrate to the Atlassian applications to the cloud but don't know where to start? There are…


10 Steps to Become a Kickass DevOps Engineer

Learn what it takes to break into one of the most highly sought-after IT professions, DevOps Engineering. There are some…


DevOps Maturity Model Quiz: Deployments Edition

Where are you on the DevOps Maturity Model Curve? Are you not sure how to measure the maturity of your…

InfographicSoftware Development

10 Steps To Be a Better Programmer

There is an obvious divide between a good developer and a bad developer. Although it may seem like some software…


3 Ways to Leverage an Agile Mindset for Success

Finding Opportunity in Disruption Agile, by definition, is the ability to move quickly and easily, even in times of major…


5 Behaviors to Optimize Remote Collaboration

Are your teams suddenly adjusting to working 100% remote? After 10+ years of experience delivering consulting services to clients, here…


Virtual PI Planning in 4 Days

Have you suddenly found yourself in a 100% remote organization? Not to fear, Cprime has forged a fool-proof virtual strategy…


Drivers to Atlassian Cloud

This easy to digest infographic walks through the critical considerations when evaluating a migration to Atlassian Cloud. We showcase migration…


Total Cost of Ownership: Self Supported vs. Managed Atlassian Services

Many people are attracted to Atlassian products and Jira project management because of the seemingly low cost. But what happens…