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Increase Confluence Adoption with Personalization and Mobile!

In this presentation, we covered how to use Confluence and Linchpin to drive performance and engagement for your company. This…

The Trade Desk inc.
Case StudyAtlassian

Optimized Customer Service migrating from ServiceNow to Jira Service Desk

For Client Services at The Trade Desk, their issues were critical: slow workflows and process management could not keep up…


Tips to Make a Lean, Mean ITSM Machine with Atlassian

The ITSM mindset is shifting. In response, IT teams are switching to leaner, more agile approaches that value ease of…


Test Driven Product: Applying Test Driven Thinking to the Product World

XP gave us test driven as a design tool. People who did not understand that the tests drove the design,…


Splunk’ing Jira for Deep Insights Into Application, Database, and Server Health Trends

We will discuss many common performance problems that he has experienced over the years as a Jira administrator, which inspired…


Aligning Portfolio Management Reporting and Tracking

It is common for organizations that are in the midst of an agile transformation to struggle with trying to reconcile…


Contested Development: Finding Pragmatism in Agile & DevOps

Our task is to deconstruct the what and why of Agile and DevOps. We’ll tackle Agile and DevOps in nine…

Cprime Scaling Agile Survey 2017 Cover Stack

Scaling Agile Survey 2017

Scaling Agile Report 2017” surveys professionals interested in Agile practices to see how companies view the importance of scaling their…

Case StudyScaling Agile

Agilent Case Study: Going Agile on a Grand Scale

Agilent's Software & Informatics Division set a new priority: Improve the predictability of the group's performance. With the help of…


Agile Vox: Scrum for Hardware?

This article was released in the Scrum Alliance's very first edition of Agile Vox Magazine, and is based on Cprime's…


An Introduction to Software Services Lifecycle Management (SSLM)

How SSLM Can Help Your Team Reach Peak Efficiency More and more, software is at the root of many businesses…


11 Lessons Learned from Agile Hardware Development

Abstract A previous paper by the author, Agile Processes for Hardware Development, argued that a Scrum process should be effective…

Case StudySAFe

SAFe® Implementation for Global, Diversified Technology Company

Healthcare is big business, always changing, and rapidly accelerating. Technological advancements will continue to change how patient care is delivered…

WhitepaperAgile Metrics

2017 State of DevOps Report

Today, DevOps is an understood set of practices and cultural values that has been proven to help organizations of all…

Case StudySAFe

Value Stream Optimization: SAFe® Case Study with SK Hynix

SK Hynix wanted to optimize their Value Streams by empowering people to self organize. They needed to improve product delivery…


Agile Processes for Hardware Development

  Hardware and software development are quite different, in terms of the concrete developmental activities. Thus it might seem that…


Harvard Business Review: Agile Practices

By: Harvard Business Review Agile development practices have steadily risen to become a trusted and preferred method of development for…


UX in an Agile World

In a traditional waterfall work flow, User Experience (UX) specialists have plenty of time up front to research and incorporate…


A Real Release Planning Experience

Medium to large-size organizations that develop software products with a Scrum process typically have multiple Scrum Teams that must collaborate.…


Your Team may be Agile, but is it Performing?

The Formation Of Effective Teams Is More By Good Fortune Than Good Judgement…..It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way! Learn…


SAFe Framework Overview

Scaled Agile Framework® Overview Do you have highly functional scrum teams but are wondering how to get them to work…


Essential Patterns of Mature Agile Leaders

Currently so much of agile adoption—coaching, advice, techniques, training and even the empathy revolve around the agile teams. Leaders are…

Case StudyAgile

Interview with Financial Services Company About Their Agile Transformation

With the pressure of financial application complexities, this company realizes faster releases and predictability are needed in order to keep…

Case StudyAgile

Tech Firm Adopts Agile for a Better Customer Support Portal

One of the main issues that the CSP team wanted addressed with their move to Agile was delivering to their…


Solutions for Agile Governance in the Enterprise

Author: Kevin Thompson, Ph.D., PMP, ACP, CSP Agile Practice Lead Cprime Paper Abstract: The term governance refers to a formalized…


Agile Quality Engineering

Presentation Synopsis: Discover the fundamentals of Agile Quality Engineering. This webinar will explore the intersection of Agile Mindset, various Agile…

WebinarScaling Agile

A Group of Agile Teams ≠ Organizational Agility

Most Agile adoptions put emphasis on training team members or specific roles.  Having a group of “agile” teams does not provide…


Test-Driven Development Basics

Online Training Overview practice, the pros and cons, and a samples of Test-Driven Development in action. Duration: 1 Hours Credits:…


Being Agile Without Using Agile: CBPM – Online Training

Agile is popular for a reason – its benefits are seen by all stakeholders. However, making the transition to Agile is…

WebinarAgile Roles

My Role as an Agile Manager

When software development teams move to Agile methods, managers often wonder what their new roles and responsibilities will entail within…