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Uber Health App
Employee Spotlights

Uber Health: transportation app for patients and doctors

We've examined the new Uber’s project – Uber Health – a service focused on reliable, comfortable non-emergency transportation for patients…

Proof of concept
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Proof of Concept vs Prototype vs MVP vs Pilot | Plan to Realize Your Idea

If you are just starting your custom product design and development path, such terms as proof of concept (POC), prototype,…

Make your app HIPAA compliant
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4 Steps to Make Your App HIPAA Compliant

While there are lots of resources and guides on how to make the app HIPAA compliant, the issue of organizing…

Telemedicine app used by Doctor
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Reasons to create a telemedicine app for your clinic

There is a diverse variety of tools and technologies that are available to help your healthcare services benefit from telemedicine…

Benefits and Examples of Medical Device Integration Software
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Medical Device Integration: Software Benefits and Examples

Take a look at medical device integration and possibilities that it can get your hospital or practice. Every clinic or…

Data Migration Testing
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How To Ensure Effective Data Migration Testing: Complete Guide

Data migration testing makes sure that the data was relocated with minimum disruption, without loss, and that all particular functions…

Employee Spotlights

Team Spotlight: Cprime’s Talent Acquisition Team

As a proud member of the Cprime Talent Acquisition Team, I wanted to highlight my team and to give you…

Employee Spotlights

A “Day in the Life” of a Cprime Solutions Architect

Working as a Cprime Solutions Architect (SA) means you will use your skills and expertise in developing advanced tools and…

Employee Spotlights

A “Day in the Life” of an Agile Coach

So, what does a typical day in life look like for an Agile Coach? Agile Coaches talk and listen to…

Employee Spotlights

Employee Spotlight – Getting to Know Michelle Landesman, National Account Manager

Our Employee Spotlight of the month is Michelle Landesman, National Account Manager on our Sales Team! See what she’s up…

Application Migration
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What Is Application Migration? Common Strategies & Best Practices

Changing the environment is impossible without accurate application migration. Companies often decided to switch to the new computing environment because…

Employee Spotlights

Cprime Employee Spotlight – Getting to Know Kyle Anderson, Conference Coordinator

Our Employee highlight of the month is Kyle Anderson, Conference Coordinator! See what he's up to outside of work, and…