Continuous Deployment

AWS is the Ultimate Cloud Computing Option for Companies on the Atlassian Tech Stack

If you’re currently running the Atlassian tech stack and consider migrating to the cloud, you should take a closer look at Amazon Web Services (AWS). There’s simply no better cloud environment for Atlassian than AWS....
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DevOps Day 1: You’ve Committed Your Team to DevOps. How Do You Start?

You’ve looked at DevOps. Maybe you’ve worked in a DevOps environment in a previous job or situation, and love the way it brings people together to create great software, faster. You understand that the leading...
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cPrime Partners with Electric Cloud to help Enterprises Advance DevOps and Release Automation Success

cPrime, a global provider of software services for Agile-based organizations, and Electric Cloud, the leader in DevOps Release Automation, today announced a partnership to help enterprise IT organizations better align tools, processes and services for...
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DevOps Goodies from our Archives

At cPrime, have been invested in DevOps practices since before it was even called DevOps! It has always been a priority to bridge the power and speed of Agile between development and operations to help...
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