Agile Metrics

DevOps Metrics to Monitor Software Development

Presentation Abstract DevOps solutions are tying together increasingly complex tools, environments and solutions that can be challenging to manage and monitor. To check on the health of your processes you need to be constantly tuned...
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Stop Estimating #NoEstimates

There’s a movement that’s been growing last few years. It’s brewing and it’s picking up some steam. Or at the very least some brave souls and organizations are more open to experimenting with it. This...
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Atlassian Reporting: Agile Scrum Metrics that Matter

by Bryan McMillan, cPrime Agile Coach Agile is a verb not a noun and far too many in IT have attempted to change it to a noun. To be agile is to able to move...
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People Metrics: How Annual Performance Reviews Enable Bad Behaviors

By: Dan Teixeira End of the year. Beginning the next. Holidays. New Year resolutions. Spending time with your in-laws. The holiday season can be hectic and the last thing people are looking forward to are...
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Validating Agile with Performance Metrics

Why do we want Measure Agile? The organization as a whole needs to understand how and why Agile is making a difference in delivery; additionally, agile teams needs insight into areas where they can improve....
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