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Ideal Environment for Successful Agile Teams

Recently, one of my colleagues asked me an interesting question that I have not heard in a long time: “Why is it that some teams are able to adopt Agile and achieve success and some...

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Blog: The ‘WHY’ of Distributed Teams

My life for the past 20 months—no longer getting up at 5.00 a.m. to get ready for work, no commute, not having to wait at Starbucks for my early morning coffee rush, no morning formalities,...

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Functional Silos and the Cost of not Collaborating

What is a silo?  One of the best ways to understand what functional silos are is to understand where you find them. Silos can cut across an organization in a variety of ways. Typically, when...

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Success with your Agile Team is all about Change Management – Here’s How

I recently realized something that I probably have always known in the back of my mind years ago – implementing new ways of working is primarily about change management. Although I have coached numerous teams...

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The Failure Files: Tooling Driven Business Process

Part 1: The Risk of Leaving People Out of Your Digital Transformation Check out our infographic on \"The Top 6 Reasons Digital Transformations Fail\" “We bought Jira, why aren’t we going faster?” “I got on...

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Running SonarQube With Docker Compose

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of code quality to your project’s success. You can spend enormous amounts of time and money on your agile practice and your CI/CD pipeline, but if your code doesn’t...

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How to Promote Corporate Sustainability and Create a Resilient Workplace

Sustainability in the workplace has become a buzz word that often seems not to matter as much. Many organizations give lip service to it, without investing in corporate sustainability training and best practices that make the real...

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Why 2020 Has Us Doubling Down on Sustainability as Resiliency

With the economic shock of COVID, companies of all sizes are reevaluating their resiliency and preparedness to face a similar crisis. A new player is entering the scene on securing resiliency: sustainability. COVID has changed,...

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Data-Driven Change Management Strategies

Change management and development within an organization can be tough. Not only does developing a strategy takes considerable thought and time, but it also requires enabling and supporting individuals to adopt the change. And the...

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