agile management

3 Must-haves to Create an Effective Organizational Strategy

An effective organizational strategy is vital in an Agile environment. Without it, you\'ll simply lose any benefits of efficiency. To achieve this level of alignment, these three items must be created and widely adopted across...
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“How Long Do We Let an Agile Team Under-Perform Before Moving Someone Out?”

This is a tough question for any product or project manager to answer. The key to making this decision wisely is to fully understand the problem. How is the team under-performing? In other words, how...
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Ship-it Snippets: Awesome Teams with Jeff McKenna

What it takes to have an awesome team: What is an awesome team? How can we create an environment to help teams thrive? Awesome team vs. Awesome Organization Co-located teams vs. Distributed Teams Different personalities...
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What is My Role as an Agile Manager?

Question: What is My Role as an Agile Manager? As your company adopts Agile methodologies, your role as a traditional manager is certain to be affected. The question is, will you thrive or just survive?...
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