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Agile Development with Scrum

Learn more about agile development with scrum, a lightweight process framework for agile development that is one of the most popular agile methodologies out there.

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Why Agile Values Must Permeate an Organization

These days most of the discussion around Agile is focused on process, frameworks, workflow, and efficiency. And that\'s ok, these are all important aspects of what Agile is all about and the value it can...

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5 Things You May Not Know About Agile

As your go-to resource for all things Agile, we\'re interested in pushing the envelope beyond the trite clichés and buzzwords you probably hear routinely, and really dig up some quality Agile information you\'ve likely not...

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Think You’re Ready to Be an Agile Coach? Take This Quiz…

If you\'ve been involved with agile for some time, especially in the role of ScrumMaster or Product Owner, it\'s a natural career path evolution to consider the possibility of becoming an Agile Coach. If you\'re...

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What are SEUs, how do I get them, and why do I care?

By: Dusty Corro In the world of post-baccalaureate trainings and certifications, the idea of tracking our hours spent pouring over new concepts, taking notes on printouts of power point slides and struggling through simulation exercises...

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How to Lead the Agile Charge Out of the Comfort Zone

As a company begins the transformation to Agile methodologies, some of the necessary changes are bound to be uncomfortable. Old and familiar ways of doing things will be reworked. Schedules and expectations will be altered....

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3 Key Steps to Building an Agile Team

Building successful teams is a key factor in making a success of your Agile transformation. In fact, Agile transformation will not succeed without teams that collaborate effectively and efficiently. But building an Agile team requires...

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Cprime develops new Agile Product Training curriculum

Cprime will deliver modularized Agile Product Training to Product Owners, Product Managers, Executives and team members that suit unique team needs and provide hands-on learning with interactive exercises that utilize real projects.  Cprime offers a...

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Agile Adoption by the Financial Services Industry

Agile Adoption by the Financial Services Industry Seeing a Greater Return on IT Investment Today’s financial institutions are facing huge changes in technology platforms, payments processing systems, financial systems, asset and risk management systems, while...

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So you’re a ScrumMaster, Now What?

10 Steps to Jump-Start Scrum Adoption after your CSM Class Many students take a Certified ScrumMaster training course intending to kick-start their team or company’s Agile adoption. However, as we know, Agility is simple in...

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Challenges of Adopting Agile in Combined Hardware and Software Environments

While the benefit of Agile has been noted by those within firms that create embedded software, or firmware, the practical application of it to combined agile hardware and software development has been difficult to envision....

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Agile: a Prescription for Improved Healthcare Technology and Delivery

Overview: New Healthcare Technologies Bring New IT and Development Challenges The face of healthcare technology is evolving rapidly, with healthcare organizations moving to virtual platforms and mobile (mHealth) technologies to support healthcare delivery and operations....

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Agile + Your Game Development Team = A Reduced Sales Cycle

How cPrime Helps Gaming Companies Go Agile Today, firms that develop games face ever-changing technologies and complex engineering requirements that can require development by teams composed of hundreds of members. Game players are highly sophisticated...

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