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Agile Development with Scrum

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Agile Development with Scrum

Learn more about agile development with scrum, a lightweight process framework for agile development that is one of the most popular agile methodologies out there.

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Why We Love Agile (and Why You Should Too!)

Are we biased? Maybe a little. After all, Agile looms large in the cPrime legend. But when we say we love Agile, it\'s not just because we\'ve arranged our entire business model around helping companies...

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How to Match Culture and Drive With the Technical Requirements for Your Agile Project

Building a successful, productive, and happy Agile team requires a lot more than making sure every necessary task can be proficiently completed by someone. There\'s an entire human side to the team building and management...

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Getting the Customer On-board – Streamlining Agile With the JIRA Service Desk Solution

One of the key tenets that makes successful Agile adoption so powerful is the role the customer plays in guiding a project\'s continual improvement. Ideally, every Agile team should be looking to feedback from outside...

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3 Signs You Should Invest in Agile Training

“You\'re doing Agile wrong!” If you hear this statement from an “expert”, that person is probably not completely familiar with your organization, your team, or your individual projects. You see, Agile provides a framework that...

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Hybrid Projects: How Can Waterfall and Agile Work Together?

While it\'s tempting for proponents of Agile methodologies to claim they work best for every development project, that\'s simply not the case. While Agile project management methodologies can generally be used for any development project...

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Ship-it Snippets: Awesome Teams with Jeff McKenna

What it takes to have an awesome team: What is an awesome team? How can we create an environment to help teams thrive? Awesome team vs. Awesome Organization Co-located teams vs. Distributed Teams Different personalities...

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How an Agile Coach Can Save You Money

Finding the right people to complete a project can feel like a critical challenge that must be immediately resolved. It might sound like you’d be taking a step backward to first bring in an Agile...

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Why is it Vital to Get Training For Your Atlassian Agile Tool?

Committing to the purchase, deployment, and maintenance of a full-scale Agile software tool like the Atlassian line of solutions is a serious undertaking. There\'s tremendous value in utilizing these new tools, but there\'s a need...

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How to Decide What Projects are Suitable for Agile vs. Waterfall

Advocates of Agile are known to imply or outright state that Agile works best, hands down. Just as often, opponents will counter with any number of reasons – both legitimate and outrageous – why classic,...

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Why Agile Values Must Permeate an Organization

These days most of the discussion around Agile is focused on process, frameworks, workflow, and efficiency. And that\'s ok, these are all important aspects of what Agile is all about and the value it can...

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5 Things You May Not Know About Agile

As your go-to resource for all things Agile, we\'re interested in pushing the envelope beyond the trite clichés and buzzwords you probably hear routinely, and really dig up some quality Agile information you\'ve likely not...

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Think You’re Ready to Be an Agile Coach? Take This Quiz…

If you\'ve been involved with agile for some time, especially in the role of ScrumMaster or Product Owner, it\'s a natural career path evolution to consider the possibility of becoming an Agile Coach. If you\'re...

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