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Challenges of Adopting Agile in Combined Hardware and Software Environments

While the benefit of Agile has been noted by those within firms that create embedded software, or firmware, the practical application of it to combined agile hardware and software development has been difficult to envision....

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Daily Scrums in a Distributed World

By Kevin Thompson, Ph.D. Daily Scrums in a Distributed World   Agile Project Management The Daily Scrum meeting is a core practice in Scrum, and one of only three schedule-related practices (the others being the...

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Agile: a Prescription for Improved Healthcare Technology and Delivery

Overview: New Healthcare Technologies Bring New IT and Development Challenges The face of healthcare technology is evolving rapidly, with healthcare organizations moving to virtual platforms and mobile (mHealth) technologies to support healthcare delivery and operations....

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Hybrid PMO: Managing the Hybrid Portfolio

Hybrid PMO: Managing the Hybrid Portfolio The Problem: As Agile crosses the mainstream, enterprise-wide adoption of hybrid methodologies like Agile Development and traditional Waterfall create conflicting processes. The Solution: Better Predictability with Metrics that balance...

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Agile + Your Game Development Team = A Reduced Sales Cycle

How cPrime Helps Gaming Companies Go Agile Today, firms that develop games face ever-changing technologies and complex engineering requirements that can require development by teams composed of hundreds of members. Game players are highly sophisticated...

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Intruduction to Scrum

by Kevin Thompson, Ph.D, PMP, CSP Introduction to Scrum: Benefits and Practices Scrum is a lightweight agile process framework used primarily for managing software development. Scrum is lightweight because it has few prescribed elements Three...

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Software as a Social Construct

By Evan Terry When coaching a sports team, you have to know your players and what they are capable of achieving before you can craft a game plan for a successful season.  Each player’s skills...

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Having too many Senior Project Managers is bad for your PMO

Having too many Senior Project Managers is bad for your PMO By Zubin Irani, cPrime CEO Project Management Article: As a profession, project management is amorphous by nature. Project Managers have collectively earned a reputation...

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Agility Cocktail Hour – LA MeetUp

Last Night\'s Agility Cocktail Hour -- Jeff Howey, cPrime\'s Agile Coach, presented at the first LA Agile MeetUp at Ozumo Restaurant in Santa Monica. We had about 30 guests in an intimate room with saki,...

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ScrumMaster Tales – The Story of a Rogue Developer

By: Mark Levison, CST This sprint, the team has finished planning and has committed to delivering five stories, totaling 25 story points (sized 8, 8, 5, 2 and 2). Based on their velocity from the...

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FAQ: What is required to receive the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) designation and what upcoming changes are there to the process?

by: Tom McGraw, CSM In this blog, you will learn about Scrum Master Certification requirements and the details for attending the course. The Scrum Alliance is a non-profit organization that governs the requirements for many...

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How to Use Story and Task Templates

  By: Kendrick Burson, Agile Coach at cPrime cPrime’s production pre-printed task and story post-it notes is the next generation to help new teams to organized their data in a standardized way on the post-it...

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