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Product Management

5 Ways to Level Up Your Technical Product Management Skills

Congratulations, you've landed a product management role on a technical team building software, apps, or hardware. But now comes the…

Product Management

Why a Product-led Approach Trumps Even the Best Project Management

If you're a product owner, manager, or portfolio manager in an enterprise aiming for scaled agility, understanding the shift from…


How to Establish Lean Budgets for Agile Success

Implementing Lean budgets is a crucial step for organizations adopting Agile practices in the context of the Scaled Agile Framework®…

Product Management

The Pivotal Shift from Projects to Products: A Leader’s Perspective

Organizations today face immense pressure to deliver value faster while remaining agile and responsive to market changes. This requires a…

Product Management

Product Planning Over Project Planning

Product thinking—and its direct result, product agility—is a paradigm shift for companies that previously relied exclusively on project management to…

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Product Management

Outcomes Over Outputs: Set Yourself Up for Success

In the world of project management, outputs — what you produce in relation to what you planned to produce and…

Product Management

Big Rocks in Your Product Agility Journey

You may have heard the term ‘Project to Product’ buzzing around lately. But what does this concept really mean, and…

Product Management

Building the Right Product

Project to Product Thinking Part 3 Dating back to the early 2000s the Agile movement drove tremendous advancements in process…

Product Management

Project to Product Funding

Project to Product Thinking Part 2 One of the main promises agility is supposed to deliver on is decreased costs.…

Product Management

Project Management vs Product Management: What is the Difference?

Project to Product Thinking Part 1 Before agile was at the center of the software development world, project management processes…