agile governance

Aligning Your Agile Portfolio With Organizational Strategy

Previously, we discussed the building blocks of organizational strategy: the mission statement, the vision statement, and the strategic objectives. But having that foundation laid doesn\'t automatically mean you\'re going to be working on the right...
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Why Agile Governance Matters at the Project, Program, and Portfolio Levels

For any organization attempting to migrate to – or sustain – Agile processes, governance is an important consideration. This is especially true as companies grow. While small companies can likely get away with fairly informal...
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How to Develop Your Own Recipe for Agile Governance

If you\'re not into cooking, you probably look at a recipe as a list of rules that are set in stone, and God forbid you add an extra ¼ teaspoon of oregano. But professional chefs...
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cPrime’s R.A.G.E. is Unleashed; Agile Leaders Rejoice!

cPrime releases R.A.G.E., Recipes for Agile Governance in the Enterprise, a set of proven formulas and principles for exercising Agile Governance at the project, program, and portfolio levels, to empower organizations with large-scale Agile and...
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