Atlassian Integrations

The clock is ticking but cut them some Slack! Hipchat and Stride set to retire.

What was once a competition fueled by cake and cookies between two leading competitors for team collaboration tools, Atlassian announces a strategic partnership with Slack. Therefore we will be saying goodbye to Hipchat and Stride,...
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Splunk’ing Jira for deep insights into application, database, and server health trends

  Transcription Hello everyone, and thank you so much for joining us today. My name is Ben Lack, and I\'m on the marketing team at cPrime. And today\'s webinar session is Splunk\'ing Jira for deep...
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Time to step up the game with Power Database Fields

Power Database Fields is the most popular database app to help you extract data from external database and display it in your Jira tickets. The app that\'s bringing enough value to be featured on the first page...
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Burn Baby Burn… 5 JIRA Software Burn Up Hacks for Program Managers and PMO’s

  We are living in world of over used metrics and reports that tell us nothing. Every position is forced to verify and validate their efforts or be burned at the stake. So, how did...
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