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Scaling Agile

Learn more about scaling agile frameworks, such as SAFe, Disciplined Agile, and more, that help solve the challenges associated with agility at scale.

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How to Optimize Transparency Through Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Identification and Mapping is one of the best tools used in SAFe that develops deeper transparency within your organization. However, Value Stream Mapping is also one of the tools most often skipped or...

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Four Keys to Organizational Transparency – Brought to You by Agile

Building trust takes time, restructuring around customer value takes more time, and changing culture, takes even more time. The success of each of these ongoing endeavors depends largely on transparency within an organization. When is...

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Five Lessons Learned to Prepare You for Virtual PI Planning Meetings

Many organizations are in various stages of implementing Program Increment (PI) planning as part of their development processes. Those organizations that have successfully implemented PI planning processes in a physical world may experience additional benefits...

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SAFe in a Nutshell – The Simplest Way to Understand SAFe

SAFe is the most popular framework in use today to guide an organization’s efforts to scale agile practices beyond the team level. But, when people look into it for the first time, this is what...

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The Power of Enterprise Level Reporting in Jira Align (Part 4 of 4)

Please note: This is one in a four-part series on the powerful reporting capabilities offered through Atlassian Jira Align (formerly Agilecraft). The series will cover Jira Align reports of specific value to agile practitioners at...

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Scaling Agile Teams – 3 Things You Need to Know

Now that you have successfully launched a Scrum team and helped them to deliver value to the stakeholders, you have proven that the Agile approach can work for your organization. Congratulations! This is a big...

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Which Agile scaling model is right for me? 3 questions to help you decide today!

Once you have mastered Scrum and Kanban, the logical next step is usually scaling. What is scaling Agile? The simplest way to describe scaling Agile is to implement Agile practices across multiple teams that are...

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The Power of Portfolio Level Reporting in Jira Align (Part 3 of 4)

Please note: This is one in a four-part series on the powerful reporting capabilities offered through Jira Align (formerly Agilecraft) by Atlassian. The series will cover Jira Align reports of specific value to agile practitioners...

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Skyrocket Your Portfolio Planning and Forecasting

Every business wants to have the ability to accurately forecast what’s going to happen in the future. And, not just tomorrow or next week. When thousands of people and billions of dollars are involved, large...

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Mastering Product Agility in the Modern Organization

Back in the days before agile really took hold in the software development world, workflow processes were dominated by project management. You might not remember what that was like, but you can imagine it: It...

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How to Get Portfolio Strategy Aligned Using Jira Align

Too often when formulating strategy, enterprises look to their strategic inputs and ROI to guide the way. It makes sense. After all, without sufficient ROI, a company won’t last long. And, there’s certainly benefit at...

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Seeking Real World Business Agility

You’ve probably heard the term “business agility” thrown around a lot in recent years. It’s becoming one of those catchphrases that everyone knows is important, most think they understand, but few agree on what it...

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