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Learn more about Atlassian software and management of your Atlassian tool stack, including Jira, Jira Align, Confluence, and more.

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Atlassian Reporting: Agile Scrum Metrics that Matter

by Bryan McMillan, Cprime Agile Coach Agile is a verb not a noun and far too many in IT have attempted to change it to a noun. To be agile is to able to move...

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Checklists to Frame the Flight: The What’s What of Migration

We hear about migration pretty frequently these days. As our organization grows and matures, we grow our business intelligence and begin see the clear need to optimize the technology that is supporting our process. More...

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Splunk’ing Jira for deep insights into application, database, and server health trends

  Transcription Hello everyone, and thank you so much for joining us today. My name is Ben Lack, and I\'m on the marketing team at cPrime. And today\'s webinar session is Splunk\'ing Jira for deep...

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Time to step up the game with Power Database Fields

Power Database Fields is the most popular database app to help you extract data from external database and display it in your Jira tickets. The app that\'s bringing enough value to be featured on the first page...

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The Solution for SAFe 4.5 in Atlassian Software

  Presentation Transcript Hello, and welcome to the presentation. Today, we\'ll be covering the latest iteration of cPrime\'s Atlassian SAFe Solution. This will focus on some updates from SAFe 4.0 to SAFe 4.5. We\'ll talk...

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Agile Reporting in JIRA

Atlassian’s Jira Software provides a power house packed with an enormous multitude of reporting possibilities and all levels. Jira offers the option to create subscriptions to reporting for automation. Additionally, the robust set of out-of-the-box...

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5 Characteristics for Agile Reporting in the Real World

Any Scrum Master or Team Member is keenly aware that they are expected to deliver software each and every iteration that provides value. Reporting, measurements, and metrics are vital part of that effort, which going...

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Confluence-based intranet with Linchpin and diagramming with

October 13th, 2017 in Foster City, CA, Cprime and //SEIBERT/MEDIA announce a strategic partnership to offer Linchpin intranet and diagrams to Cprime customers. Linchpin and enable real team collaboration and knowledge management to...

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Using Atlassian to Scale Agile with SAFe® 4.5

Upgrade you must and Cprime you can trust! In 2017, Cprime pioneered the very first framework for implementing SAFe 4.0 in Jira. We are the most trusted experts in the business of scaling Agile among...

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How to Customize, Automate and Expand the Power of JIRA

Extend JIRA with a powerful yet affordable scripting and automation toolkit. Find out why people are switching from Script runner. Justin Evans, Product Owner Director for Cprime, and Ethan Foulkes, Business Developer at Camerican, discuss...

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Boost the Capabilities of Jira with Our Suite of Apps: The Power Portfolio

Cprime unveils the Power Portfolio, a transformative suite of apps that boosts the ability to automate, integrate and customize JIRA to take your teams to the next level. Power Portfolio leverages Simple Issue Language (SIL),...

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Integrating JIRA With Your Enterprise Systems – the Complete Picture

JIRA is way more than a ticketing system. It\'s a programmable platform that lets you hook into data and services from other systems in your enterprise to fulfill your team\'s mission-critical work. The nature of...

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