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Learn more about DevOps methodology including main topic areas of ci/cd, infrastructure automation, cloud, test automation, health checks, and more.

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DevOps Metrics to Monitor Software Development

Presentation Abstract DevOps solutions are tying together increasingly complex tools, environments and solutions that can be challenging to manage and monitor. To check on the health of your processes you need to be constantly tuned...

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Advanced Git Commands: Rewriting History

When developers use Git, they often use a combination of a graphical user interface and the command line. A GUI has a low barrier to entry, but many of us want to leverage the power...

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Test Data Management and Its Role in DevOps

In my career, there\'ve been many times when I\'ve experienced the false joy of my code change being ready to be released to production. I say false joy because everything worked as expected on my computer,...

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Introduction to DevOps for Business Analysts

Have you ever had a product or a feature or a system rollout fail once it reached the customers because it just didn’t meet their needs? In the IT environment, your role as a Business...

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Business Value and Justification for DevOps

This article is a summary of our 3D Podcast - Episode 106: “Business Value and Justification for DevOps.” We in the DevOps world know that the adoption of the principles exercised in DevOps lead to...

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Checklists to Frame the Flight: The What’s What of Migration

We hear about migration pretty frequently these days. As our organization grows and matures, we grow our business intelligence and begin see the clear need to optimize the technology that is supporting our process. More...

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Unit Testing and Test Automation: Two Things You’re Not Doing Enough Of

Software development tends to follow a predictable path of chaos. Full of optimism, your organization embarks on a software project.  You put together requirements, start speccing out some design and architecture concepts, and then you...

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How Does DevOps Handle Change Management?

Tools today are wonderful. They help ease your task load, letting you get things done with only a few clicks. I remember reading a potential horror story about a developer promoting a change in the...

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DevSecOps 101

Everyone at some time or another has received an email from a service saying their password has been reset because data was compromised. Security has always been a big topic in IT, and it’s sad...

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What do you mean by “do”?

In every coming-of-age story about a young, hopeful hero, there is a grizzled, wise man who says things about doing and being: Yoda, Star Wars: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Mr. Miyagi,...

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Make yourself useless

Some people invent ‘work’ to justify their jobs. Jim Highsmith, one of the signatories of the Agile Manifesto, called these “…Dilbert manifestations of make-work...” Pretend-work exists because corporations only retain employees if they appear to...

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Turn down (the speed) for what?

In the song, “Turn Down for What,” Lil Jon raps a total of 11 different words. Four of them are, “Turn Down for What?” which, it turns out, is a rhetorical question – and contains...

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