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Learn more about DevOps methodology including main topic areas of ci/cd, infrastructure automation, cloud, test automation, health checks, and more.

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Do as I want, not as I say

A whopping myth of software development is that customers know what they want – and can explain it to you. If that were so, no one would have ‘unmet needs.’ Software forums wouldn’t be a...

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Choose the Right Tools for Your DevOps Liftoff

One of the big attractions of DevOps is that it integrates software development practice with cool tools. Tools are great – they can be a lot easier to manage and interact with than humans. This...

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Unit Testing Smells: What Are Your Tests Telling You?

The title of this post makes reference to \"test smells,\" which might seem a curious turn of phrase.  It\'s a bit of a riff on the idea of code smells.  So, to understand test smells,...

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Avoiding DevOps Pitfalls with JIRA

In this webinar, you’ll learn some of the latest trends in the modern IT workplace. With growing emphasis on team collaboration and efficiencies, this webinar will showcase how Dev and Ops teams are collaborating across...

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Cprime Announces Acquisition of DevJam

Cprime, the largest Agile, Atlassian and DevOps consulting company in the United States, today announced that it has acquired DevJam, a leading Devops and Agile consulting firm, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since 2007, DevJam has...

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Cprime is changing the game for this year’s Atlassian Summit US

The end of summer and the coming of fall is signaled by a few things, the changing of the leaves, cooling of the air, and for us in the world of tech, the Atlassian Summit....

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Cprime Acquires Blue Agility to Provide Better Global SAFe Transformations

Cprime is proud to announce that we have acquired Blue Agility, a leading Agile and DevOps consulting and training firm, based in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Since 2011, Blue Agility has helped organizations implement large-scale agile transformations,...

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10 Ways DevOps Will Change Your Software Experience

Your DevOps team is up and running, you’ve chosen wisely and implemented tools everyone likes. Communication is online and everyone is used to communicating with each other constantly. You’re practicing Agile Sprints, posting new software...

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DevOps Day 1: You’ve Committed Your Team to DevOps. How Do You Start?

You’ve looked at DevOps. Maybe you’ve worked in a DevOps environment in a previous job or situation, and love the way it brings people together to create great software, faster. You understand that the leading...

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Why Automation Testing is Necessary

Introduction to Automation Testing Automation testing is the application of tools and technology to testing software with the goal of reducing testing efforts, delivering capability faster and more affordably. It helps in building better quality...

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DevOps Teams are Innovators

Each year since 2011, online tools vendor Puppet has created a State of DevOps report with DORA, DevOps Research & Assessment, a non-profit. They’ve surveyed over 27,000 people since starting the reports. Puppet and DORA...

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6 Reasons Why DevOps Transformations Fail

Introduction DevOps is the hottest buzzword in the world of service delivery. More and more organizations are jumping onto the DevOps bandwagon in the hope of transforming their broken product delivery pipeline. And yet, not...

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