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Agile Software

Learn more about agile software such as Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Jira Align, and other tools, along with how they help to scale agile.

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Agile Software

Optimize Portfolio Performance with Blue Agility – Simple Agile Techniques and Jira – Part 1

Some organizations spend months or even years attempting to create a workable portfolio management solution – often with little success.…

Agile Software

Immediate Value of Integrating

If there is one sentiment that rings true in life, it is that no person is an island. The help,…

Agile Software

Increase Confluence Adoption with Personalization and Mobile!

In this presentation, we covered how to use Confluence and Linchpin to drive performance and engagement for your company. This…

Agile Software

Simplifying Complexity: When it’s time to hang up your legacy system for a platform

Let me start by saying I have deep fears that legacy technologies will force companies to stagnate and die. We…

Agile Metrics

Atlassian Reporting: Agile Scrum Metrics that Matter

by Bryan McMillan, Cprime Agile Coach Agile is a verb not a noun and far too many in IT have…

Agile Software

Time to step up the game with Power Database Fields

Power Database Fields is the most popular database app to help you extract data from external database and display it in…


Webinar Replay: AI & Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Digitally Transform Your Environment

In this webinar, we’ll help you quickly understand how to think about emerging technologies for your Business. We’ll give you…

Agile Software

The Solution for SAFe 4.5 in Atlassian Software

  Presentation Transcript Hello, and welcome to the presentation. Today, we'll be covering the latest iteration of cPrime's Atlassian SAFe…

Agile Software

Agile Reporting in JIRA

Atlassian’s Jira Software provides a power house packed with an enormous multitude of reporting possibilities and all levels. Jira offers…

Agile Software

Fire Up your JIRA Capabilities with Power Scripts for JIRA

Cprime announced in May that it had acquired Power Scripts for JIRA™, a popular plugin to Atlassian JIRA that extends…

Agile Software

Cprime is the official Training Provider for Structure by ALM Works

ALM Works has selected Cprime as the exclusive training provider for Structure, their powerful and widely used Atlassian JIRA plugin.…

Agile Software

How JIRA Service Desk Saved Customer Service at The Trade Desk

Q&A with Cprime VP Swati Jain Cprime’s Swati Jain just returned from Barcelona, where she presented at Atlassian Summit on…