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Agile Software

Learn more about agile software such as Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Jira Align, and other tools, along with how they help to scale agile.

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Agile Software

The Power of Agile and Atlassian – Atlassian Summit Europe 2018 Recap

It was a great week filled with insightful and innovative talks, transformative product discussions and out right fun in Barcelona,…

Agile Software

Achieve customizable integration between Jira and Mattermost

Recently Atlassian announced its decision to sunset Hipchat and Stride effective February 15, 2019, which we shared with you all…

Agile Software

The Future of Real-Time Communication Behind The Firewall

With Hipchat Data Center set to gradually be discontinued after February 15th, 2019, many organizations and teams that need to…

Agile Software

The clock is ticking but cut them some Slack! Hipchat and Stride set to retire.

What was once a competition fueled by cake and cookies between two leading competitors for team collaboration tools, Atlassian announces…

Agile Software

Are You Ready for a Cloud Strategy? Then Stop Looking For Vendors!

The importance of focusing on business value first and technology second will push IT teams to shed all the generic…

Agile Software

How Should I Run Atlassian? Atlassian Cloud vs. Data Center vs. Cprime Cloud

Like many Atlassian users you’re probably excited about the deployment options that are now available to you, while at the…

Agile Management Tips

WOD: Optimize Portfolio Performance with Agile Techniques & Jira – Part 2

Some organizations spend months or even years attempting to create a workable portfolio management solution – often with little success.…

Agile Software

Scaling on Atlassian: Avoiding the 5 Top Pitfalls when Migrating from a Legacy System (WOD)

New emerging platforms and technologies like “Atlassian” have caused us to revisit the many different software vendors that provide short…

Agile Software

Please Welcome Atlassian Confluence Mobile for Server

How teams and organizations can tap into mobile productivity and reach all employees within an enterprise Today, it’s a given…

Agile Software

Atlassian Consolidations: Building a gold standard system that scales for your Enterprise Platforms

Application proliferation is a big “no-no” and can easily and quickly get out of hand as organizations continue to mature.…

Agile Software

Trouble For HP Quality Center/ALM Customers On The Horizon

By now you might have seen or heard about the dramatic value drop of Micro Focus' shares on March 19th,…

Agile Software

Zendesk Pains and Challenges: Why we Decided to Jump Ship for Jira Service Desk

A Day In The Life Of A Product Manager: As a Product Manager working on an enterprise application, I had…